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Week 2: Entity Beauty

 You’ve Always Been…Mysterious

How would you sum up your style in one word? For Entity Beauty, the word of the moment is “mysterious.” Entity’s recent ad campaign launched with “You’ve always been…daring.” The next month the concept was “passionate”. More recently, the expression was “spirited”. For this challenge, we tasked our Top 11 to come up with a complete hand and nail look for the next would-be ad in the Entity series: “You’ve always been…mysterious.”

They’ll be creating designs using any medium to create a 3-D effect (acrylic, gel, etc.). They’ll also be shooting step-by-steps of their design and posting them on Nail Art Gallery.

Check back on September 20 to see what our Top 11 come up with and don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite contestant each week!

This week’s challenge winner will receive the following products from Entity (a $360 value):
•  Entity One Color Couture Intro Kit
•  Entity One Gel Technology LED Kit
•  Entity Acrylic Kit- $99.95
•  The winner of Week 2 will also have his or her design featured in Entity’s newsletter and on their Facebook page.

You can interact with Entity at:
Facebook: EntityBeauty
Twitter: @EntityBeauty
Instagram: EntityBeauty
YouTube: EntityBeauty
Pinterest: EntityBeauty

You can find out more about Entity at www.entitybeauty.com.