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Week 2

In Too Deep: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes


Congratulations to Simone Gilbert for winning this week’s nautical challenge. The judges were blown away by your ambition to tackle so many details for your design. We loved the beautiful octopus tentacle and appreciated the clever use of beads under the gel to get the suction cup effect. All of the details in the reef were perfection and we loved watching your video to see how you created everything — the coins, the jewels, the water bubble, and the urchin. You have great technique working with gel and we were thoroughly impressed.


CND head judge Jan Arnold said, “Very ambitious work! Great detail! Very sophisticated artistry! And you made an excellent demo video.” Bio Seaweed Gel judge Hellen Luu said, “These nails are awesome! However, the extra props almost outshined the nails. But nonetheless the nail art was great!” NTNA 2013-2014 winner Ryoko Garcia said, “The color balance is well thought out and the detailed design really captured my attention. These nails come to life. I’m impressed with how you handle gel products.”


Other judges described this design as “visually stunning,” “professional,” “exquisitely detailed,” and “artfully composed.”


Read more comments about Simone’s winning look in our Top 3 & Bottom 3 article.


Simone will receive the entire Bio Seaweed Gel Collection (a $4,000 value).


The nail tech who is packing up her paintbrushes this week is…Yesenia Oliva. Yessie, we love your cute style and sparkling personality. We appreciated having you in the competition and are looking forward to seeing much more from you in the future! We’d love to see you step up your game on your detail and techniques!


This won’t be the last time you hear from Yesenia. She will move on to CND’s Last Chance Design Lab where she’ll have one last chance to stay in the competition. Check back next Friday to see who will go head-to-head with Yesenia in the first Last Chance battle.


You can find follow Yesenia at:


Tune in Monday to find out the Week 3 Challenge and vote for your favorites! Good luck to Amy, Danielle, Karrie, Lauren, Lavette, Lexi, Lini, Marisol, Sherri, and Simone, who will all continue in the competition.