Top 24 Announced

NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Sponsored by CND Announces Top 24

The applications came in for NAILS Next Top Nail Artist sponsored by CND. We excitedly read through every answer, watched YouTube video diaries, gazed in awe at nail art photos, and scoured social media to narrow it down to the Top 24.


These 24 nail artists come from around the world, representing Greece, Canada, Australia, and the United States as they prepare to compete for the ultimate prize. You might recognize a few familiar names on this list, as we welcome back two semifinalists from last year, and even one of our Top 6.


Our Top 24 semifinalists possess artistic innovation, social media savvy, a diversity of techniques, and a passion for the industry. We couldn’t be happier to share their names here:


NAILS Next Top Nail Artist 24 Semifinalists (in alphabetical order):


1. Alecia Mounixay


2. Amy Gustafson


3. Angel “Nuni” Torres


4. Beru Lalli


5. Danielle Costantino


6. Erica Tam


7. Jarrel Baccus


8. Karrie Bowers


9. Konstantina Tsihlas


10. Lauren Boyd


11. Lavette Cephus


12. Lexi Martone


13. Lini Sherburne


14. Marianthi Tsitsopoulou


15. Marisol Alvarado


16. Nikkoal Bounds


17. Quisa Robinson


18. Robyn Schwartz


19. Sherri Traweek


20. Simone Gilbert


21. Tammie Alvarado


22. Tara Fisher


23. Trung “Kenny” Vo


24. Yesenia Oliva


While it wasn’t easy narrowing the list to 24, the competition will only get more difficult as we whittle it down to 12 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to see who will be packing up their paintbrushes and who will be one step closer to being named NAILS Next Top Nail Artist.


In addition to CND, sponsors include Bioseaweed Gel, Dashing Diva, Entity, Gel II, Gelish, INM, It’s So Easy, Super Nail, Orly, and Young Nails.