Week 5: Celebrating 10 Years


This week’s challenge is sponsored by Entity Beauty. And October marks Entity’s 10-year anniversary. We asked our Top 8 to look at Entity’s ad campaign from their first year of business and use it as inspiration to create a set of nails that they would wear to Entity’s 10-year anniversary party. The rules were they must use a combination of styles (acrylic, gel, gel-polish) to create the look on a model’s two hands. We’ve posted their entries on the Week 5 Challenge page.


Our judges will be looking over the entries with a fine tooth comb and scoring our top designs and our least favorite designs. We also want to know what you have to say. Vote for your favorite artist to make sure they stay in the competition. (You can vote one time per contestant each week.)


Voting will be open until Thursday, October 9 at 12 PM PST. We’ll announce the results of Week #5’s challenge (the winner and who is eliminated) on Friday, October 10.


Don’t let your favorite nail artist go home! Make sure to vote and tell all of your friends to vote too!