Our final challenge sponsored by CND will determine the winner of NAILS’ Next Top Nail Artist 2014 competition. It will be a multi-part challenge, culminating in a collection of nails suitable for Fashion Week.


Since CND’s tagline is “Nails. Fashion. Beauty.”, we asked the Top 3 to create a collection of fashion-forward nails fit to be presented to designer Johnson Hartig of Libertine. The Libertine label is known for revolutionizing graphics, deconstruction, and recycled clothing. NAILS was fortunate enough to cover CND’s collaboration with Libertine at NYFW Spring/Summer 2015.


Part 1:


Fashion (and nail polish) collections tend to begin with a lot of research. Designers spend ample time forecasting trends and collecting inspiration to incorporate into their final collections. We want you to do your homework on Johnson Hartig and Libertine. Shoot a 5-minute video giving us a full report on everything you learn about the designer and the inspiration you take away from your research. In addition to your video we also want to see a Pinterest board containing visual takeaways from what you’ve learned. Both your Pinterest board and your video need to be as exciting as the designer himself.


Click here to see Danielle’s video report and Pinterest board.


Click here to see Lavette’s video report and Pinterest board.


Click here to see Lexi’s video report and Pinterest board.


Part 2:

You have done your own research, now we want to give you ours. Below you will find a dossier containing inspiration and helpful tips about Johnson Hartig and his label. You will need all of this information to complete your challenge.


CND for Libertine S/S 2015 - Backstage

You will be creating five sets of nails (10 in each set) for the fashion label Libertine. These nail looks should be cohesive enough to be worn together for a single runway presentation. Keep in mind that CND is an innovator when it comes to nail trends, so you need to show us artwork that we haven’t seen before while staying true to Johnson Hartig’s aesthetic.


We want you to document your process on video. It doesn’t need to be a complete tutorial, but we’d like to see you working, hear about your inspiration, and show us how you progressed from conception to completion. This will be ongoing. (Your deadline for the 5-minute video will be the January 19 when you turn in the final images of your collection.)


Video Check-In: The week of January 5, the nails techs offered up sketches and photos of their preliminary designs and Jan Arnold sent them video feedback.


Voting will be open from Jan. 20-22.