Take a cue from Gel II’s temperature-activated, color-changing Reaction line of gel-polish, and hand paint a tropical/hot inspired nail design on one hand and a cool/arctic design on the other using gel-polish, nail polish, and acrylic paints. You can’t use any embellishments or 3-D elements on this challenge. This is a handpainted challenge.


Photograph your finished design on a WHITE background with no props. We want your hands placed FLAT, either side by side or one on top of the other. You can shoot a separate picture of the thumbs so we can see those as well.


The contestants were also asked to create two separate Pinterest boards (one for each hand) showing us what inspired their hot and cold nail art designs. In addition, we asked them to shoot step-by-step photos and post them, along with instructions, onto their Nail Art Gallery profiles.


Week 10’s challenge winner will receive a collection of products from Gel II, including the new Cordless 40G LED Lamp, the fall Foggy London color collection, and more (approx. value $400).


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