Create 3-D sculptured comic strip nails depicting “Super Heroes & Villains” by utilizing all of the following materials:


1. color acrylics
2. glitters
3. gel-polish
4. 1 unconventional tool to create the nail design (Unconventional tools are defined as anything not nail-related, i.e. toothbrush, straw, masking tape, etc.)


Create the look on 10 nail tips (not on a model) and a storyline has to be conveyed giving the nails a comic strip feeling. The tips should lie side by side (as if you were painting a mural) with 3-D art coming off the nails, bringing the comic to life.


In addition, we asked them to shoot step-by-step photos and post them, along with instructions, onto their Nail Art Gallery profiles.


Week 9’s challenge winner will receive an arsenal of pro must-haves from SuperNail, including acrylic kits and accessories, nail art appliqués and an assortment of ProGel shades, plus a UV Lamp (approx. value $560).


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