For this week’s Last Chance Design Lab challenge sponsored by CND, reigning Last Chance champion Lini Sherburne takes on newly eliminated Sherri Traweek. The two will battle it out one-on-one to see who has a chance of staying in the competition. CND’s Jan Arnold will select her favorite look next Friday and you’ll find out who will remain for at least one more week.


All Last Chance challenges are done on a single nail tip. They are also asked to describe their looks. There are no other elements to this battle.


This week’s Last Chance challenge is loosely related to It’s So Easy Steampunk’d challenge.


Punk Rock: On a single nail tip, create a 3-D punk rock nail. You can use any materials you see fit (both nail- and non-nail-related).


Here are the looks they created:



Lini Sherburne

I was really excited to learn that the next Design Lab Challenge was a punk rock nail. I’ve always been a punk music fan, and definitely a lover of the fashions related to the punk rock world. I really wanted my nail to portray the punk attitude, so I chose elements, colors and symbols very recognizable to the genre. For the base of my nail, I used CND Shellac in Wildfire and Black Pool to create the look of a red and black flannel shirt, something every punk rocker owns. I created the common rocker slogan “Punk Lives” using acrylic to sculpt the shapes, and Shellac to paint on the words. I used a graffiti/spray paint style of text mixed with a true punk font of upper and lower case letters for this. The anarchy sign (an A through a circle) is another very common punk symbol, and I created this using wire that I cut, bent, painted and glued together. No true punk design would be complete without the rebellious rocker, which I sculpted out of acrylic and painted using Shellac. I created her mohawk using three different colors of metallic threads that were attached with glue. The spiked choker for my rocker was sculpted from acrylic, painted with shellac, and decorated with metal wire. Finally, for the spikes and chains, I took apart several different pieces of costume jewelry to get a nice assortment of metal hardware, another true punk rock necessity. These were all attached to the nail using acrylic, and details were added using paint.



Sherri Traweek

I chose an early British punk look. I didn’t even think this nail was going to happen, because I left all my brushes at work, 60 miles away! This was sculpted using a #8 acrylic brush, the only one I had with me. I hope you enjoy!



Congratulations to Sherri Traweek for winning this week’s Last Chance Design Lab challenge. Sherri went up against reigning Last Chance champ Lini Sherburne to create a 3-D punk rock nail on a single nail tip. CND’s Jan Arnold chose the winner.


Jan said, “For the CND Last Chance Design Lab 3-D punk nail challenge, I chose Sherri because this nail clearly captures the symbolism of the British punk era with the skull and vibrant mohawk, Union Jack Flag, and the 3D anarchy emblem. Dramatic, rebellious and creative. Loved the play on the words with ‘punk’s not dead’ next to the skull and mohawk!”


This means Sherri will move on to compete against the next eliminated contestant. Find out on Friday who that will be.