For this week’s Last Chance Design Lab challenge sponsored by CND, Amy Gustfason and Karrie Bowers will battle it out one-on-one to see who has a chance of staying in the competition. CND’s Jan Arnold will select her favorite look next Friday and you’ll find out who will remain for at least one more week.


All Last Chance challenges are done on a single nail tip. They are also asked to describe their looks. There are no other elements to this battle.


Since Karrie is packing her paintbrushes due to her heritage challenge, this week’s Last Chance challenge is loosely related to INM’s International Nail heritage challenge.


The Relative: Handpaint a portrait of a family member on a single nail tip. You can use polish or paints, but it must be handpainted with no embellishments. Please also include a photo of that family member for Jan to use in her judging process.


Here are the looks they created:




Amy Gustafson:

When we were asked to hand paint a portrait of a family member based loosely on the INM heritage theme, I knew I wanted to paint my Grandma, as she is so proud of where she is from. Her family migrated to Quebec in 1659. I remember when I was younger she would always be so proud that the Quebec flag was the first provincial Canadian flag. I wanted to incorporate a bit of the Quebec flag as the background to the nail. I used acrylic paints to create my design. I wanted to add dimension to her hair so I used some very thick paint to make it pop off the nail a bit. I used a gloss on her glasses to create a glass-like glare. She is turning 90 in October so it was nice to be able to honor her on a nail because she is so supportive of what I do. It will be a nice surprise for her!




Karrie Bowers:

I absolutely wanted to paint my daughter for this challenge. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she has the most amazing inner beauty. She is so compassionate and thoughtful, and has the sweetest disposition of anyone I’ve ever met. She will stand in the cold to keep a door open for someone still yards away, and even if they don’t acknowledge her, she will do it again, because she firmly believes that kindness matters. This was my first ever portrait nail, and though it’s not the spitting image of my daughter I feel like I did capture the ol’ family chin quite well. I concentrated on trying to convey the highlights and contours of her face, and her adorable cheeks. I admit my blood ran a little cold when I got this challenge, but like all the other challenges so far in this competition, I got the opportunity to do something I’d never done before. The challenges have really been a positive catalyst for personal and professional growth for me and I can’t express how much that pleases me.




Congratulations to Amy Gustafson for winning this week’s Last Chance Design Lab challenge. Amy went up against Karrie Bowers to create a handpainted portrait of a relative on a single nail tip. CND’s Jan Arnold chose the winner.


Jan said, “I chose Amy’s Grandma as the winner of the Last Chance Design Lab challenge because when I looked at the nail I felt Grandma’s warmth and kindness…and could even smell her freshly baked cookies in the air. Love the design, the roller-set hair and her lovely smile!”


This means Amy will move on to compete against the next eliminated contestant. Find out on Friday who that will be.