#GelishPlayAtHome editor's picks
Throughout our Next Top Nail Artist competition we asked nail professionals to play at home and give us their interpretations of the weekly challenges. Every week the editors at NAILS were blown away by the #GelishPlayAtHome entries we saw on social media. The judges at Gelish picked their favorites, now it’s the NAILS team’s turn to share their picks from the competition. These five artists will also receive a prize from Gelish.


From Week 6: Bejeweled


Raquel Calixto, Imagic Nails, Sacramento, Calif.


Sigourney Nunez, assistant editor: “I’m really feeling green this season. I loved that she paired different shades of the hue with black and silver to create the bold set. I like the different finishes on the nails and of course, the rhinestones.”



From Week 4: International Nails


Tin Tin Bui, Redondo Beach, Calif.


Hannah Lee, editor and associate publisher: “I love the detail on TinTin’s nails. The bamboo is so delicate and realistic and that bowl of pho is perfect. I love all of the elements and how it really tells a story of how proud he is of his heritage.”



From Week 6: Bejeweled


Nikki Price, London


Tracy Rubert, senior editor: “Nikki Price’s bejeweled nails are unique with their mix of blinged out nails  and the simple floral painted nails.”



From Week 3: The LA Manicure

Gelish PlayAtHome

Miriam Elizabeth, Nails by Miriam Elizabeth, Maidenhead, England


Judy Lessin, features editor: “What could be more appropriate to represent the glamour capital of the world? I love the elegant shape of the tip and the razzle-dazzle opulence.”



From Week 4: International Nails


Karalee Chabot, Nashua, N.H.


Beth Livesay, senior editor: “I love the coming together of all the different nationalities under the American flag. I think Karalee showed us a true talent for sculpting these women and you can see the unique personalities of each. As someone who also has British roots, I’m a fan of anything with the Union Jack on it.”


The staff at NAILS and Gelish want to thank everyone who played along. We especially want to recognize Tin Tin Bui, Karalee Chabot, Kimberly Harr, Kerlisha Munroe, and Victoria Zegarelli who played along in five of our challenges. We will reward their faithful posting with an additional prize.