We asked you to create your caption and illustrate it on nail tips. The results posted to social media were nothing short of captivating. Here are some of our favorites. Gelish judge Sandy Combs selected her favorite. Congratulations to Victoria Zegarelli who will receive a prize from Gelish.





Karalee Chabot, Nashua, N.H.



Sandy’s Comments: “Nice idea. I like that it’s different and a clean image, but I don’t think it conveys the caption well enough.”



Kerlisha Munroe, Trinidad and Tobago



Sandy’s Comments: “Nice vintage comic art idea. I love the caption on this, it looks like it could be two murals because of the stark black background on half of the design. I would have liked to see a bit lighter background behind the word bubble. It would have been more in tune with the old school comic feel, and tied the two sides of the design together better.”



Kimberly Harr, Rustic Varnish, Everett, Pa.



Sandy’s Comments: “I like the caption. This entry feels like it could be two completely separate murals. I would have liked to see the placement of the eye to be incorporated better with the caption, so that the design flowed together.”



Tin Tin Bui, Blossom Beauty Lounge, Redondo Beach, Calif.



Sandy’s Comments: “I love the central image, but I feel like the caption should have been made more of a focal point.”


Congratulations to this week’s winner Victoria Zegarelli!


Victoria Zegarelli, Nail Bar Lounge, Long Island, N.Y.



Sandy’s Comments: “Good lettering on the caption, my favorite caption of the bunch, and a nice even layout on the design. I like the flow and the cartoon style of the design.”