Gelish Play At Home


We were looking for 3-D gel sculpted nails that illustrated the theme of In Too Deep, Bio Seaweed Gel’s fall collection. Many of you took the plunge and posted your sets of nails to social media. Gelish’s Sandy Combs chose her favorite. Congratulations to Karalee Chabot who will receive a prize from Gelish.


Gelish Play At Home

Deanna White


Sandy’s Comments: “I love that this glows in the dark. Very cool idea.”



Gelish Play At Home

Tin Tin Bui, Blossom Beauty Lounge, Redondo Beach, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments:  “Cool idea, I like the outside the box thinking. I would like to see it without the pearl necklace, I feel it hides part of the work.”



Gelish Play At Home

Lisa Bennett, Bakersfield, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments: “Great background and job on the shark. I would have liked to see more 3-D work.”



Gelish Play At Home

Anna Mally, Las Vegas


Sandy’s Comments: “Great idea, I would love to wear this out of the salon.”



Gelish Play At Home

Jessica Waryzniak, Crown Point, Ind.


Sandy’s Comments: “Wow, sparkly! Very cute idea.”



Gelish Play At Home

Raquel Calixto, Imagic Nails, Sacramento, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments:  “Nice idea. I love the 3-D elements. Very fun.”



Gelish Play At Home

Tammie Alvarado, Tulare, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments: “Great job on 3-D. I would have liked the background to be a little crisper.”



Gelish Play At Home

Victoria Zegarelli, Nail Bar Lounge, Long Island, N.Y.


Sandy’s Comments: “I love the use of feathers for the jellyfish tendrils. It gives the illusion they are floating.”



Gelish Play At Home

Jessica Vero, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


Sandy’s Comments: “Nice job on the jellyfish.”



Congratulations to this week’s winner Karalee Chabot!


Gelish Play At Home

Karalee Chabot, Nashua, N.H.


Sandy’s Comments: “I love the diver and the coral elements. I would love to see more angles of this design.”