We asked nail artists to pay it forward and post their heartfelt creations to social media. Congratulations to Jessica Vero who will win a prize from Gelish.



Trudy Crystal, Fryzabad, Trinidad and Tobago


Sandy’s Comments: “Clean, crisp, work. Good detail on the hands though it could have been emphasized a bit more with highlights. I really like the hibiscus cutout.”




Kerlisha Munroe, Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago


Sandy’s Comments: “Nice job with the paint on the logo and the 3-D woman is good. I’m not sure that the blue figure helps this design though. It doesn’t add visually what I think it is meant to conceptually.”





Tin Tin Bui, Blossom Beauty Lounge, Redondo Beach, Calif.


Sandy’s Comments: “Nice work on the wings. The color of the skirt could use a little more contrast and I wish the sign wasn’t smudged.”




Victoria Zegarelli, Nail Bar Lounge, Long Island, N.Y.


Sandy’s Comments: “Very cute characters. I would have like to see more detail in the background though.”



Congratulations to this week’s winner, Jessica Vero!



Jessica Vero, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


Sandy’s Comments: “Great job on the signs and use of color. The detail on the whale is very good. I would have liked to see a little more sea life in the background.”