Full Name: Szilvia Egerszegi
Hometown: London
Salon: Nail Art in London
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Hand-painted art with acrylic or watercolour paints and gel-polish, 3-D nail art
Favorite Nail Trend: Sculpted almond or stiletto acrylic nails with hand-painted design

I ran my own business and salon earlier in Hungary and I would like to open my own salon and training academy in London as well. I’ve been working as a nail technician since 2009. Since then I’ve been seeking the opportunity to learn different techniques from the best. I always design nail art that suits  my client’s attitude and style. I believe that possibilities for expression are
limited by the imagination only.

I have some competition experience already in mixed-media, 3-D nail art, and one stroke categories. This competition could help me show the unique way I see the world and share my passion with the readers and followers of  NAILS Magazine.

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Week 1: Dashing Diva

Pure Diva

I always wanted to create a nail design for a real diva, so this is a great chance to do it finally. I love good music and I love almost all kinds of music. One of my favorite singers is Beyoncé. She is incredibly talented, beautiful, she is a great visual artist, and she has a unique style. Beyoncé usually wears almond-shaped natural nails or very short almond nails, so I made short, sculpted nails for this challenge. When I do competition nails, I often choose to do long nails, because for nail art it is easier to come out with something great on a larger surface. This time I did short nails, because I wanted reflect her style perfectly. I just cannot imagine Beyoncé with long stiletto nails. I really love her style. She is always daring and sexy but elegant at the same time. I love her performance costumes too, which are usually a plain base layer covered with lace or a glittery top layer. She prefers black, white, and gold colors, with glitter and crystals, so I chose a greyish base color and did some black lace nail design. I wanted to create a perfect match with her performance and evening dresses. Everyone knows Beyoncé’s music videos, but I wanted to show a bit of her whole personality. She is one of the most successful singers and she is called “Queen B” by her fans. Beyoncé is unique and strong like a Queen Bee. She’s won 16 Grammys and many other awards. She deserves every one of them, she is a real diva — wonderful, hardworking, beautiful, and perfect.


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