Beauty Changes Lives (Part 1): The Top 3


Challenge 11 sponsored by CND asked our Top 3 to construct a set of nails that would honor Tippi Hedren. Contestants were allowed to use any mediums they wished to pay homage to this nail icon.


Permanent judges include CND’s Jan Arnold, NAILS NTNA season 2 winner Lavette Cephus, NAILS editor Erika Kotite, NAILS senior editor Beth Livesay, and the rest of the team at NAILS Magazine.


Since there are only three competitors left, we aren’t announcing the top and bottom results. But you can read below for the judges’ comments on all three finalists.


Celina: The judges agree that your nails capture the full breadth of Tippi’s experiences. Your video is informative and tells a story. The details in your design earned rave reviews from the judges who loved the cherry blossoms, lion, Hitchcock silhouette, and the flag. We feel that your videos and technical skill with acrylic have only gotten better with time. The inclusion of the CND bottle and mention of the nail scholarship was much appreciated as well. Very impressive!


Sarah: Without fail you have taken a big idea and translated it into wearable nails that are well-edited. The judges loved your concept, but found themselves preferring your Eastern hand over the Western one. The flowers, hat, and painting of the lines on the East hand were judge favorites. We think that if you pushed outside your comfort zone a tad more it could do you good. The judges trust that your talent for restraint would not let you down if you took a slightly bigger risk. Amazing work!


Winnie: Your Pinterest board caught our eyes as we found it fashion-forward and avant-garde. We liked seeing your point of inspiration because as usual, you brought a very unique perspective to this challenge. The 20 birds honoring the initial 20 was out-of-this-world creative. The birdcage and owls were also extraordinary. You took a risk by sticking to the color palette of a single dress and keeping with a single theme, and the judges appreciate your continuing to take a risk in your design, even if they can’t all agree on the outcome. Well done!