Congratulations to Winnie for Winning NAILS NTNA Season 3!

In a truly international nail art competition, Winnie Huang took home the top prize after almost a year of competing.


Winnie Huang began her Season Three journey with a Rocky-esque application video explaining how she has been preparing to re-enter the competition after placing fifth in Season One. By the time each candidate was asked to speak at the CND booth explaining why they should be named NAILS’ Next Top Nail Artist, Huang inspired fellow techs by stating that she does in fact believe that beauty changes lives and art allows each person to be their best self.


In between her application video and acceptance speech Huang was put through the ringer, excelling at 10 weekly nail art challenges, being eliminated, then welcomed back through CND’s Last Chance Design Lab challenge. Ultimately, it was her final five sets of out-of-the-box nails and her encouraging words delivered with poise that earned her the trophy.


Huang’s prize package includes a gift basket from CND, $2,000, a trophy, a trip to New York Fashion Week, the opportunity to do Jan Arnold’s nails, judging next year’s competition, a feature in Modern Salon Magazine, and the position as guest editor for NAILS Magazine for an entire year.