Final Challenge: Part 2


NTNA is back for the final part of the final challenge sponsored by CND. Our Top 3 were allowed to let their imaginations run wild in order to create five sets of life-changing nails. We’ve posted the nails as well as links to a video and Nail Art Gallery tutorial on our Final Challenge page.



The last part of the final challenge continues on with the theme Beauty Changes Lives. Contestants were asked to create a set of nails for each of the following sub themes: What’s beautiful to you? (wearable, flat art);  How has beauty changed your life? (wearable, 3-D art); What does the future of beauty look like? (fantasy, 3-D art); and Shout Your Beauty (fashion-forward, avant-garde). In addition, the Top 3 were given a surprise twist by CND head judge Jan Arnold who asked them for one more set of nails that she could possibly wear.


Our judges have a very tough decision to make, as they will be looking over all five sets very carefully to determine who will win this challenge, and in turn, win the competition. The scores for these nails will be factored into the scores of the first part of the final challenge. You can help us determine the season three winner by voting for your favorite. The popular vote for this set will factor into the final overall score for each contestant. Voting will be open until Friday, March 4 at 11 am PST.


The winner will be announced Sunday, March 13 at ROOF Restaurant in Chicago. Tickets are still available for purchase.