Our final challenge sponsored by CND will determine the winner of NAILS’ Next Top Nail Artist 2015. This is a multi-part challenge.


Part 2:



The Top 3 will be joining NAILS and CND at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago and the Beauty Changes Lives Experience held on March 12th. We are pleased to announce that our Top 3 will be named CND’s NextGen artists at the event. The theme for this year’s gathering is Shout Your Beauty.


Continuing on with the theme of BCL, we asked to see some final nail collections that will certainly prove to be life-changing. We challenged our Top 3 to create four sets of nails inspired by each of the following themes: What’s beautiful to you? (Wearable, flat art);  How has beauty changed your life? (Wearable, 3-D art); What does the future of beauty look like? (fantasy, 3-D art); and Shout Your Beauty (fashion-forward, avant-garde). The fourth set, Shout Your Beauty, will be the nails presented at the BCL gala. Models will be wearing these nails and will be showing them off for everyone to see.


Part 3:

What our contestants didn’t realize was that they would secretly be assigned a fifth and final set of nails. CND’s Jan Arnold gave them this surprise twist during her check-in with them in January. The Top 3 were tasked with creating a set specifically for Jan.


They were allowed to use any mediums to complete these final sets. The five finished sets of nails will be brought to Chicago and put on display at the NAILS booth (#4707). Competitors were asked to pick one set of their choosing and send us a Nail Art Gallery tutorial depicting how they created it. They also submitted a video diary detailing the final collection. In their written description we wanted to hear why they interpreted the themes the way they did.