Bio Seaweed Gel has been a family business for over 10 years. The emphasis on family has permeated through all of Bio Seaweed Gel’s products, one of the newest being its Unity line. This week, contestants were asked to create a gel sculpted look that symbolized the word “Unity” in honor of Bio Seaweed Gel’s Unity All-in-One Colour Gel Polish.


This was a 3-D sculptured challenge (no acrylic sculpting allowed). Work had to be done across five nail tips. Embellishments were not allowed, but gel-polish, polish, and paint could be used to complete the look. Non-nail related materials were also welcome to complete the challenge. A 3-5 minute video diary about the inspiration and design process behind these nails also had to be submitted.


Editor’s Note: Click on the images to make them bigger and see alternate views.



Week 5’s challenge winner will receive the entire Bio Seaweed Gel Collection. (Approximate value: $4,000)


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