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Final Challenge: CND
Manus x Machina

CND is all about being on the cutting edge of fashion and technology. The 2016 Met Ball theme and art exhibit, Manus x Machina, echoed this sentiment. The theme is all about combining handcrafted and machine-made processes to create works of art. For the final challenge of Season 4 we want to see nail art...

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Last Chance Design Lab

As the Top 12 contestants get eliminated, they’ll have one last chance to stay in the competition as they battle one-on-one against the previously eliminated competitor. CND’s own Jan Arnold will be the sole judge for this head-to-head battle. The ultimate winner of CND’s Last Chance Design Lab will have the opportunity to get back into the main competition as part of the final three competitors. Think of this as the elimination bracket.

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You too can play along with the competitors during each of the weekly challenges, and win prizes! Simply complete the challenge and post your picture to social media (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) with the hashtag #GelishPlayAtHome. Each week, Gelish’s Danny Haile will select the winning at-home players, who will receive a prize package from Gelish.

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