Full Name: Trisha Johnson
Hometown: Shelby Township, Mich.
Salon: Very Polished at Licata’s Nail Studio
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Acrylic and gel-polish
Favorite Nail Trend: 3-D acrylic everything

Fun, uniqueness, and confidence is what I bring to every piece of work I create, leaving my clients feeling the same way. Being a veteran nail artist, I’ve always wanted to keep up with the best, most current, and future trends, and now is a better time than ever. When I smile, my big pearly whites shine and speak volumes about the masterpieces I’m about to create, and when I speak, my passion is heard through every word. I am looking forward to connecting with nail artists worldwide, and having the opportunity to bring out the best version of myself.

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Bling, bling, and more bling! That’s what comes to mind when I think of my daughter as my nail model, her homecoming dress, and when Minx asked us to create a winning design on the front of 10 nails, along with the equally artistic and complementary design on the backside. All I could think of was the beautiful aqua color, all the Swarovski AB crystals, matching matte gel-polish, white gel-polish, fine line details, AB Swarovski Crystal Pixies, and the fact that my daughter would be the envy of all her peers, and how many girls would want to sit in my chair for their homecoming bling as well. This was a great week of connections with my teenage daughter, as I took her for her permit to drive, let her drive without an instructor for the very first time, and got her wisdom teeth out. I also needed to make sure we had a head start on her nails for her very first homecoming dance! Holding my daughter’s hand along the way is the most amazing experience ever!

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Week 3: Gel II

Timeless Treasure

Let’s take a glimpse back to the 1930s, with some simple glam, authentic drawings, and a timeless treasure. These are drawings by Miss Irma Wanket, aka Sandy. She was born in Belgium in 1910, studied art in France in the ’30s, came to America shortly after, married Mr. General Toy Raymer, owned a beauty and barber shop with her husband, and was my great-grandma, who I nicknamed my “Grape!”  She passed away in 1978 and her drawings have been in our family ever since, and are currently held by my mom, who is an artist as well. Guess it’s safe to say that the art and the beauty industries have a long history with me! For this challenge from Gel II, we were asked to show our treasure trove, keeping with the theme of Gel II’s fall collection of Timeless Treasure, and using five nail tips not on a hand. I decided to use three of my favorite parts of my Grape’s treasure troves. I began with her scrapbook cover on one nail. With the next two nails glued together as legs, I created the bathing beauty. Finally, with the next two nails glued together again, I brought to 4-D life The Book Worm drawing. I used acrylic, sculpting gel, gel-polishes, and acrylic paints, along with handmade embellishments, yarn and some studs, to re-create my Grape’s art.



Click here to see a video diary of Trisha’s nails.

Week 2: Orly

Sunset Strip

VIP treatment please! When Orly asked us to create a wearable, embellished nail look on two hands that would get us VIP treatment behind the velvet ropes on the Sunset Strip in LA, my inspiration began right in the heart of LA. I contacted a close childhood friend who lives there, and asked what were her favorite hot spots. The list was long, but I narrowed it down to what would be my favorite places and what gave me nail eyes, right down to the 3D black butterflies on the ceilings at the Bar Marmont! Since many of the clubs revolve around rock and roll, I knew I wanted to include some spikes, studs, and LA glam! Using lacquer, gel polish, acrylic paints, and embellishments that include 20-gauge craft wire and Swarovski Crystal Pixies, this challenge had me stoked! I chose some very iconic places on the Sunset Strip, which include the Sunset Plaza for shops like Armani Exchange, Haute Hippie, and Oliver Peoples, and restaurants to be seen eating on the patios at, like Chin Chin, Avenue 31, and Café Med. With the clubs being known for rock and roll and glam, I had major nail eyes for Whisky a Go Go, the Viper Room, Rainbow Bar & Grill, and Bar Marmont! Keeping with that theme, we can’t forget about the Sunset Strip Tattoo, which inspired me to use their logo as my “theme nail” for this challenge and change it to “Sunset Strip Orly!” Now, to be able to visit all these places, and have my picture taken while wearing my VIP status nails, is on MY bucket list!


Click here to see a step-by-step tutorial of how Trisha created these nails.

Week 1: Gelish

Squadron Goals

Squadron goals, you ask? Why yes, all of us in the NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Top 12 belong to an “artist’s squadron” with many goals! At this moment in life, I have put one destination and inspirational travel goal in my mind, and that is Chicago! When given the theme for this challenge from Gelish, “Squadron Goals,” what inspires us for travel, and nail artistry to make us really “take off” in the competition, it all immediately came to mind! I looked at the Nail Style insert in this month’s issue, which featured Gelish’s new fall collection, Sweetheart Squadron, all inspired by the women of aviation. I knew right then that my squadron goal is to recreate the aviation theme with the new Gelish color line, but with a twist! I would also include new glow-in-the-dark gel-polish from Gelish, you know, in case my flight doesn’t come in until night. I will now become the pilot, painting sharp patterns with beautiful fall colors and gorgeous jeweled embellishments. With sculpted gel compass in hand, I mapped out ombré details, acrylic love and passion in my heart, and with the gel-polish I painted the Chicago skyline that is reflected in my sculpted gel, leather wrapped aviator goggles. I am on the runway and ready for takeoff!


Click here to see a video diary of Trisha’s nails.