Avant-Garde Acrylic: The Top 3


Challenge 10 sponsored by EzFlow asked our Top 3 to create avant-garde acrylic nail art using only the colors pink, black, and white. This week’s guest judge was Sara Pollock of EzFlow.

Since there are only three competitors left, we aren’t announcing the top and bottom results until tomorrow. But you can read below for the judges’ comments on all three finalists.

Jonny Diep Pham: Jonny, you took a traditional French tip and gave us a fashion-forward, futuristic avant-garde design that combined sharp edges and soft jewels. The judges felt that you successfully stepped out of your comfort zone and gave us something inspiring that still answered the call of the challenge. Our only advice is that you watch the music in your video in terms of volume and copyright.

Liina Leino: The design you gave us this week was very sweet and sweetly sculpted too! The moving carousel nails were a genius idea. We liked that you are so interactive with your social media followers and that you gave them a cameo in the video. However, the judges didn’t feel that this design was avant-garde.

Tracey Lee: Your nails this week took the judges’ breath away. We loved getting a 360-degree view of your nails. You played with negative space in a way that was avant-garde, yet also helped you work within such a limited color palette. Your skit was very amusing and put a smile on our faces, however it was a bit too long. Keep the fun persona but show us even more nail technique. We agree that your entry is a true work of art.

Check back tomorrow to find out who won this week’s challenge and who’ll be packing up their paintbrushes.