Avant-Garde Acrylic: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes


Congratulations to Jonny Diep Pham for winning this week’s challenge! Jonny’s futuristic French was right on-point.

EzFlow‘s guest judge Sara Pollock said, “These nails are truly inspiring! The bold elements mixed with the origami inspiration create excitement and a truly a structural masterpiece!”

Head judge Jan Arnold of CND said, “The design references were avant-garde and incredibly inspiring! The nails demonstrate a brilliant sense of artistry and architecture. Thank you for listening to the judges comments, you really dazzled us this week!”

NAILS digital editor Sigourney Nunez said, “I like the strong and sharp edges, they have a very masculine feel, but the crystals softened it. His was a very readable French tip.”

Season 3 champion Winnie Huang said, “This piece definitely delivered what you wished to achieve! I love the futuristic approach! Well done!”

NAILS senior art director Danielle Parisi said, “Great interpretation of avant-garde. Completely innovative and refreshing all at the same time. I loved your use of the colors and nail embellishments.  Even though you only had three colors, the portrayal of your nails with the different shades made it seem like a vast expanse of colors. You have a natural artistic ability that has also been consistently demonstrated in every challenge.”

Read more about Jonny’s winning look in our Top 3 article.

Jonny will receive a prize pack from EzFlow (approximate value: $750) and a guaranteed spot in the finals!

The nail tech who is packing up her paintbrushes this week is…Liina Leino.

This won’t be the last you hear from Liina. She will move on to CND’s Last Chance Design Lab where she’ll have one last chance to stay in the competition. Check back next Friday to see who will move on in our Last Chance battle — Tracy or Liina.

Tune in Monday to find out the final Last Chance challenge. Good luck to Tracy and Liina!