Bio Seaweed Gel appreciates all creative walks of life. Nails have become such a beautiful form of self-expression and declaration, no matter where you are from. Bio Seaweed Gel is from the multicultural city of Toronto, Canada, but has a new home in Orange County, California with the opening of their U.S. office. To welcome them to their new ‘hood, challengers are asked to recall their favorite neighborhood, the one which has had the most influence on their artistry. The place can be a hometown or any neighborhood in the world that has impacted your creativity.

Each neighborhood-inspired set should be on 10 nail tips of any size. The design must be created with gels and gel-polish (no acrylic or acrylic paint) and must contain 3-D elements. Embellishments are also allowed. Contestants were asked to create a Nail Art Gallery tutorial about the inspiration and design process.

The winner of this week’s challenge will score a prize pack from Bio Seaweed Gel (approximate value: $500).

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