CND style director and co-founder Jan Arnold loves art in all its forms, but especially on nails. Jan is known to fuel her fine art obsession by frequently visiting museums. These visits can inspire future nail designs, much like the ones the Top 3 created for this challenge. CND wanted to see an exhibit-worthy nail art collection with four sets of nails, each representing a different museum loved by Jan. These four collections represent the art world. Each set must feature a favorite CND product.

Set 1: Inspired by Musée D’Orsay

Set 2: Inspired by Hermitage Museum

Set 3: Inspired by the Petersen Automotive Museum

Set 4: Inspired by MoMA

One set must be all hand-painted, one must be 3-D, one must be mixed-media, and one can utilize whichever mediums you like. Each set is to be done on 10 nail tips. A 5-7 minute video diary of the process and inspiration was also required. Contestants also gave us a preview of this challenge via Facebook Live.

The winner of this challenge wins the entire competition, including the biggest prize package in NTNA history: a trophy, a feature in Modern Salon, the August cover of NAILS, the position with the magazine as guest editor for one year, a guest-starring role on KUPA TV, a trip to New York Fashion Week with CND, the opportunity to judge next year’s competition, and $5,000 cash.

Editor’s Note: Click on each image to scroll through all four entries.

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