One of Wildflowers most popular classes is Dimension Art. Here is the description of the class: “Create flat nail art that pops like 3-D. Learn how to shadow and highlight to enhance your nail art. This class includes dragon scales that look like they are growing out from the nail bed, layering looks, and optical illusions.”

For this challenge, we’d like the Top 3 to take this concept a step further by creating a mixed-media mural across 10 nail tips packed with as much dimension and optical illusion as possible inspired by the street art of David Zinn.

Here are the rules:

The Top 3 must use the10 mural nail tips provided to them by Wildflowers.

They could fuse them together, but could not flatten more than 75% of the surface.

Wildflowers Art Paste and Pop-up Gel had to be used along with any medium the contestants would like for flat painting.

Embellishments such as glitter, stones, tassels, etc. are allowed.

The overall project cannot exceed more than 1 cm in thickness.

Contestants are permitted to cut the edges of the nail tips to change the overall shape of the project.

Be sure to create an original design (no replications of characters etc.).

In addition, to the photo and YouTube video contestants were also required to also post a 1-2 minute time lapse Instagram video and go live from the Wildflowers Facebook page for at least 5 minutes, explaining their creative process.

The winner of this week’s challenge scores a Wildflowers Loaded Brush Case, Sculpt or Build Kit, Neon Pigments, Powdered Sugar, Applicators, and an Online Education Gift Card ($249 gift card value). Total value of prize pack: $628.

The Top 2 from this week’s challenge win a guaranteed spot in the finale! That means they get up to $500 to spend on their flight to Premiere Orlando as well as lodging, and of course free admission to the show floor!

You can interact with Wildflowers online at:

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