The acrylic assortment from EzFlow offers nail professionals a range of options to create challenging yet beautiful nail art wonders. The Top 8 were challenged to use EzFlow acrylics to recreate one of the Seven Wonders of the World OR Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Sculpted on a single hand using the EzFlow acrylic products provided (plus any additional EzFlow products you already have on hand), the final nail design must include 3-D elements on at least two nails; the other nails must include details to create a cohesive look as a whole. You may use acrylic paints but no other embellishments are allowed. Contestants also had to film a 3-5 minute video showing how the Wonder was sculpted along with why they chose that particular Wonder.

The winner of this week’s challenge will score a prize pack from EzFlow (approximate value: $500).

You can interact with EzFlow online at:

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