Mr. Robert Upshaw and Mr. Kito Ochi founded KUPA in 1984 to meet the needs of the young and growing nail salon industry. They named their company KUPA, an acronym combining the names Kito, Upshaw, and Associates. After just two years, Urawa Corp., a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality electric filing equipment, approached KUPA and proposed developing a new filing product specifically for the nail industry. Over the course of the next several months, Urawa and KUPA designed an electric filing machine that would meet the needs of nail technicians.

The KUPA name is now synonymous with high-quality electric nail filing equipment. Richard Hurter has been with Kupa since 1984 and succeeded Mr. Upshaw in 2010. Under his leadership, KUPA has implemented a five point plan to develop several proprietary products including: a middle-market electric nail file machine, superior grade carbide bits, the newest e-file, a professional enhancement line, and an extensive website.

KUPA will continue to create and launch proprietary products that meet the needs of nail technicians. Future products will incorporate technology from within and outside of the nail industry to make the nail technician’s life more convenient, portable, safe, and cost-effective. Over the next few years, KUPA will also be developing electronic articles and guides to help nail technicians improve their business as well as their nail-filing skills.

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