KUPA invited the Top 5 to make a triptych on nail tips, in honor of KUPA’s Triptych powder. A triptych in the art world is a picture or relief carving on three panels or a set of three works intended to be appreciated together.

Since KUPA is the official e-file sponsor of NTNA, they challenge the Top 5 to carve their own triptych and then place the nails on an actual hand for the final look. The pointer, middle, and ring fingers should reflect the carved design and should line up. The pinky and thumb should match the theme, but the emphasis of the challenge is the carving done with the e-file on the three center nails. Any additional KUPA products are OK to use, but no embellishments are allowed. Gel and acrylic paints can be used, but only for 20% of the design, maximum. A 5 minute video demonstrating carving abilities, detailing inspiration, and of course, showing off the new e-file were also required.

The winner of this week’s challenge gets the four remaining Triptych collections from KUPA, plus the Dipfinity Kit, and Soak-Off Gel Trio Pack (approximate value: $500).

You can interact with KUPA online at:

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