Wildflowers asks the Top 3 to pick a mood or emotion to represent on nails – however, contestants CANNOT explain what the mood is. They then had to create a “cover look” that clearly represents their mood or emotion without using anything literal on the nails or in the photo. (For example, if the mood is mysterious, they can’t be holding a masquerade mask in their hand while showing off nails in the photo.)

The mood needs to be clearly apparent, but using only colors, textures, and different mediums. This is a photo challenge. Props can be used in the picture, but should not be anything seen as an object. Nails should be avant-garde. Wildflowers Nails in a Box is used as a foundation, but nails can be lengthened or shaped. Non-nail embellishments should be less than 10%. Embellishments made out of nail products are unlimited. This look should be done on two hands, with NO FACES in the photo. When the judges look at the picture, it should evoke the mood or emotion without telling us what it is.

Final entries do not include a description. Click on the images below, then click the arrows to see the styled photo.

The winner of this week’s challenge will get a $500 gift card to Wildflowers Nail Shop!

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