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Full Name: Jodie Rahaley
Hometown: Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
Salon: Fresh Salon 
Preferred Nail Art Medium: All Gel Products, Mixed Media
Favorite Nail Trend: Animal Prints, Abstract Colorful Art

I live in the small town of Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 9 years. Upon graduating, I received the prestigious award for Regional Future Professional of the year. From there, I have competed in Nailympia online, and also various competitions along the way, bringing home medals and having my work published numerous times in NAILS Magazine. I’m a true competitor and artist at heart.

I spent my previous years mastering and excelling in floral design. I’m also a wife, and a mom to one amazing daughter. This industry has given me a place to share my love and passion for art. To be creative and expressive in my own way with no limits. I absolutely love what I do and I’m very blessed to have a gift that can inspire, uplift, and make people feel great!

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Week #7

Chandelier Chic

I chose a stiletto style shaped nail to start with. I also had some vintage clear Swarovski crystals in various larger shapes that I have been saving to use for something special. Turns out that something special is NTNA! These were  the perfect addition to this set and added some real sparkle to the nails. I used these to create the body of the chandelier on each nail. I also added in caviar beads to give it a finished look. All five fingers are different from each other but the same on both hands.

I also added in a Mylar flake to a few nails which also gave them some extra sparkle while still showcasing the crystal clear effects of Plexigel. I used silicone molds and Plexigel shaper to create all the other dangling chandelier pieces. I choose this method so I could make a bunch of them at a time.

All chandeliers are different so I didn’t have just one that was my inspiration. I chose to use my imagination and the supplies I had to create my own original versions. They also wouldn’t be chandelier nails without adding in some dangling nail tips. Besides the embellishments and jewelry making items everything is made with the Plexigel system. I attached all the pieces together using jump hooks and extender chains.

I’m so excited to share these with everyone! These chandelier chic nails are my favorite so far. They were definitely tricky to photograph but truly very stunning, shiny, and beautiful! I hope you enjoy them.

 See her video here.

Week #6

Fashion Fanatic

For this week’s challenge I was inspired by the Blonds Spring/Summer 2015 collection. I chose an image with beautiful 3D crystal adorned roses on all the nails. With lace corsets and gold chains, I loved the ‘gangsta genie’ theme of the whole collection.

All of the nails created for this runway collection had utilized the square shape. So I chose Cool Pink Brisa sculpting gel to create a more dramatic, long tapered square shape with the perfect pink color as the base.

I handcrafted 3D roses using only Vinylux and created a cluster complete with Swarovski crystals. Applying to two nails, I also had to add in big chunky gold chains on the other 3 nails complete with gold foil and more gold Swarovski crystals.

To complete the look, I hand painted red roses using only Vinylux on the three nails that have the gold accents. On the nails that have the 3D roses, I chose to handpaint a lace pattern inspired by the beautiful corsets in the collection. Each nail has red glitter sugared underneath as well, making these long nails a wearable rock star worthy set adorned with roses straight from the runway.

Thank you! I jumped off the cliff this week I hope you all enjoy!

See her technique video here.

And see her inspiration here!


For this week’s challenge, I’m introducing you to NTNA Nailandia. CND has recently had a conference of over 60 distributors from all over the world. This event is where the theme of Nailandia was born.

My interpretation of Nailandia is the journey of competing in NTNA. I created my piece inspired by the classic board game Candyland. This game was introduced in 1940 while the polio crisis was occurring. It was designed for players to learn patience, color recognition and socialization–skills that even NTNA artists are still using.

I designed my version creating new lands of my favorite CND nail products. Such as Vinylux Vineyards, Shellac Sea, and Solar Oil Swamp, with competitors from all over the world racing to get to the end at the CND Castle. Moving thru the game sometimes taking two steps back or two steps forward, all while doing your best to create the winning design.

I made all the 3D elements with Brisa hard gel, Plexigel, and Shellac. For the hand painted lands I used Wildflowers butter paints and some water to thin it. I also used the Summer City Chic collection to give the game squares and cards some color, really making it pop and stand out. The game pieces are tiny polish bottles made entirely with nail products and a small piece of wire. They are even filled with CND Creative Play nail lacquer! Magnets are added to bottom and under the game squares to make the entire piece a working interactive game!! Finished off with a few sugared gold glitter stars!

I hope everyone enjoyed a fresh new creative look at an old classic game we all grew up with and know and love.

See her YouTube Video Diary here and her TikTok Video here!

Since we are going back to the future this week. I chose the CND Rhythm and Heat collection. Inspired by hot nights, mojitos, grass skirts, and hammocks, this set is perfect for those tropical beach getaways.

For my design I choose to recreate and use some of the patterns in the model’s accessories. Using about four colors in collection I chose Shells in the Sand, Mambo Beat, Ripe Guava, and Palm Deco. I hand painted bright multi-colored stripes as the base for the design. I added in some other beachy tropical colors also. The stripes were inspired by her earrings and all the bright tropical colored beach towels and hammocks you would normally see. It also gives it that Art Deco feel.

Since this collection is a mashup of cultural influences, lush tropical vibes, and jungle earthy elements, I sculpted a larger palm leaf on 3 of the nails using acrylic. This is a medium I’m not used to working with much, so I feel I definitely challenged myself using it instead of gel. Also, I added in beautiful natural red gemstone chips.

I hand painted the two accent nails with a thinner, more breezy palm leaf and incorporated removable tassels and gold pieces just in case you need to dip in the pool. These pieces came from a handmade necklace I received a while back from a dear client that was from Puerto Rico. I felt it had the perfect feel for this set.

I’ve never been to a tropical exotic paradise so this was a challenge for me to create a set inspired from that. I even took a short trip to the beach for some inspiration! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Click here to watch her video diary.

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Click on the nail art image above in order to see additional images from each contestant.

Week #3

Solar Power

Celebrating CND Solar Oil with celestial inspired nails. I first decided on a wearable style almond shaped enhancement. I sculpted a full set on my model with Brisa sculpting gel. I wanted a look that had a neutral soft base with the solar and lunar art focused around the cuticle. The first thing that came to mind for my design was celestial crescent moons. They always have faces with smiles. Also celestial suns that have bright colored wavy sun rays. I also chose some embellishments and crystals. Which give it some sparkle and golden accents since Solar Oil is like liquid gold! 

Since my design is more of a wearable look, the embellishments gave the nails the pop to showcase the lunula of the nail on four nails. I also used the sun on one accent nail on each hand to represent the solar aspect of the look, hand painted with shades yellow and orange.  

The purple marbled inspired night sky is complemented with the crescent moons. I used purple since it’s my favorite color and gave it the perfect lunar feel without having to use blue. Dusted glitter and silver stars were added also. I hand painted the faces inside the crescent shape. I randomly picked the placement of the lunar inspired nails so the different designs weren’t on the same nail of each hand.  

I found this challenge to be quite difficult surprisingly. My overall look did not include any 3D elements as I didn’t want to take away from the art around the cuticle. I actually had designed a few things and decided not to use them. I found myself overthinking it so I chose to just go with it and create a beautiful set of wearable celestial inspired nails that my model can enjoy.  

Click here to watch her video diary.

Week #2

CND Couture

To celebrate Paris fashion week, my inspiration came from the latest spring/summer 2021 couture collection from Schiaparelli. I was instantly drawn to this collection for the bold use of heavy golden accessories, and exquisite bead work. I would definitely wear any of their styles! 

 House of Schiaparelli was founded in 1927 by Elsa Schiaparelli. She designed her styles inspired by surrealist artists. After her passing in 1973, Schiaparelli has now been brought back to life. Artistic director Daniel Roseberry has stated the mission of the brand is to inspire, definitely something we can all relate to in this competition.

This collection of clothing was also designed to make you aware of the fact of your body and think about how we all move thru the world. It’s all about capturing and highlighting features of the human body. From eyes, ears, noses, golden fingers and toes, to molded abs and shoulders. 

 I chose to recreate a couple of those bold golden features with my own beading crafted from Brisa hard gel and Shellac. I used a simple but stunning black and white color scheme inspired by the clothing. Brisa hard gel and gloss top coat were used create the eye and ear shaped pieces. Gold chrome pigment was burnished in both pieces as well to give it the perfect gold jewelry like appearance. I recreated an emerald stone which hangs from the nose of a stunning beaded handbag. I added in hand painted stitching, and a heavily foiled gold padlock design.  

 I really loved every look from this designer so choosing one was pretty hard. This collection highlights the known unique Schiaparelli approach to couture fashion. 

Click here to watch her video diary.

Week #1

A to Z CND

To give you a look into my personal journey, I chose the three words colorful, navigated, and dreamy. I like to consider myself a pretty colorful person. Fun and funky with an artist’s background.  

 I used a painter’s palette to symbolize this complete with a color wheel of colors, the essential and fundamental tool of any artist. I also featured graffiti style lettering. It’s creative, colorful, and a style of art I have always loved and one I have also never tried. I gave this portion of the piece a bit of a pop art kind of feel with dots, bright colors, and wavy lines.  

 In this journey of my life, I have navigated through so many situations, emotions, and places. Just like boats navigate thru inlets and bays in smooth or rough waters to get to the ocean. A compass was the perfect item to symbolize this. The tool helps you find the direction you need to go. Friends and family are very important to me. They have all helped me one way or another to navigate through my journey. I consider them my compass, always there to lend a helping hand, give advice, or be a shoulder to lean on. Inspired by my mom whom I have been her compass also. Complete with a mountainous landscape and standard style lettering.  

 I’m also a lover of astrology. Being born as a Pisces, I find myself dreamy and laidback. Two fish swimming in opposite directions is painted for this portion. Some say Pisces always have their head in the clouds. I chose to sponge in some clouds to depict just that. I used a cursive style lettering to give a free-flowing feel. Pisces are highly intuitive, empathetic, creative and have vivid imaginations. All of these traits give my personality a reason to shine! 

Click here to watch her video diary.  


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