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Full Name: LaTara Haye
Hometown: Wethersfield, CT
Salon: Tipsxtara
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Marble Nail Art
Favorite Nail Trend: Abstract Nail Art

I am a mother to my beautiful six-year-old Zoe. My true passion for nails began at the age of the fourteen. Being raised in a Caribbean household, getting a degree was deemed as the only way to succeed.

The college path was not in my best interests, and about five years ago, I decided to return back to my true passion nails. The success that I have achieved while chasing this dream of mine has given me a boost of adrenaline that makes me eager to challenge myself to be even better each day.

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The thought of capturing the essence of something new but less frivolous presenting the ideas of the new world, capturing and bringing it to life –Taralandia. The opportunity to be creative and use my imagination with this idea, as it had a powerful impact towards my growth, allowing the opportunity to see my progress as I continue. Learning from the perspective of a hardworking nail technician, this is what I envision the idea of Taralandia to be:  intrinsic wisdom, knowledge and fundamental human values. These shaped the idea of creating my world for Nailandia becoming Taralandia, which is a comfortable environment that reduces the stress of the nail world, allowing you to be creative and just be yourself as it contributes to having a positive attitude of comfort and stability.

Daily, we may tend to follow traditional standards for nail design and nail shaping. This challenge provided me the chance to use a not so realistic approach but to think outside of the box. I received the chance to understand and analyze– what does Nailandia mean to me? I think of bringing my creative thoughts to life, with a basic understanding of using what I know regarding my cultural background from the island of Jamaica as that symbolizes the fundamentals of my life, along with my creative illustration of what I interpreted from the idea of Nailandia presenting Taralandia.

As a nail technician in a small state sometimes our schedule becomes so hectic, and some days more challenging than others. We may lose focus throughout the day especially when trying to be creative, coming up with new designs and ideas for my customers. Knowing my customers can get the chance in my own world to relax and be comfortable in Taralandia while they get a chance to soak their feet in a nice cool fresh coconut, being pampered, receiving appropriate treatment in a creative world with my decision to enforce a balanced but imperfect world concept by exercising our rights and accomplishing all our daily goals and achievements.

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Creative Nail Design, Inc is such a phenomenal giant in the beauty world. I look forward to showcasing my artwork and nail design using this product. CND is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty. Being that Shellac is a CND brand that means that CND makes an effort to cater to healthier nails and a healthier lifestyle. I have practiced so many different nail designs using CND and I went a step further to actually use CND on many clients.

This week I will be creating a creative, fun, crazy and exciting look. I am always searching for an opportunity to perfect my craft and become better each day. Color layering is something that I do when it comes to my work, and CND is a perfect product to do this with. CND also enhances the beauty of the nail design, the way the product shimmers and shines.

I love the fact that CND offers educational videos this allows me to stay current and modern. It is important to be current and modern in the nail industry because that is what keeps the nail artist relevant. CND is also award winning and innovative. Therefore, I am so honored to use CND for this week’s challenge. I want my salon to be considered elite by everyone, that is why I keep CND in my salon. I strongly believe I have a competitive advantage because I keep CND in my salon. This allows me to attract new clients and keep repeating customers.

Whenever, I teach a student I always use CND, because it glides on the nail so smoothly it allows me to thoroughly and diligently teach a student and keep that student captivated. Hopefully the look I chose really explains how much I love the CND brand.

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Week #3

Solar Power

Solar Oil is the way of life for me. As I step foot into my nail studio that is what the shelves are stocked with.  

I accept the challenge of celestial inspired nail art. The look I chose reminds me of adventure. Usually, adventure happens in my life at nighttime.  

I spend countless hours in my studio working on clients, coming up with new nail designs and expanding on my craft. When these events are all said and done it is usually nighttime and that’s when my adventures begin. Hence, this lunar theme really touches a special place for me of abstract thinking and fascinations of life. A lot of philosophical thinking. I think to myself, dreams do come true. 

Whenever I work on my clients, I always try to use the healthiest options. When I think of the sun I think of my dreams, goals and aspirations coming alive. The sun is very encouraging and rich with vitamin d, which is the calcium of life.  

Growing up I was always intrigued by constellations; the stars are so gorgeous and are the foundation of a lot of my nail designs. Being that Solar Oil helps hydrate and nourish, creating healthier nails and cuticles makes me extremely happy that this is the theme for this week’s challenge.  

Because stars are so far away, all stars except the sun, the closest star to earth, appear to twinkle in the night’s sky. The sun is so close to earth and so big. It lights the daytime sky. 

To conclude, nail artistry is my passion. It is my love and my desire. I truly hope I become NAILS Next Top Nail Artist. I have devoted my life to this. The recognition that I am getting for this, words cannot express how overfilled with joy I am. I will continue to reach for the stars and the sky is the limit. 

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Week #2

CND Couture

“Oh, my freaking goodness, Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, and I have the opportunity to do nail design for the top fashion icon Chanel? This is such a dream come true!” 

This would be my reaction if I was given the opportunity to do nail design for Chanel’s runway show. The style behind this long floral, black, sheer with flowers and pearls embedded in the dress makes my mind go to a place of purity and Zen. This look is so inspiring to me.  

When I started watching Chanel’s Haute Couture Fashion Show, I instantly fell in love with the initial black and white scene; it felt, angelic, majestic, holistic and pure. I wanted to embody these characteristics through nail design. Although the room was scarce due to Covid-19 restrictions, that didn’t take away from how alive the theme was. The few celebrities sitting in the audience were so captivated by the models gliding down the runway, heels clicking back and forth; this really inspired the look that I chose. 

This is the same feeling I want people to get when they see my nail design, this is where I want the mind to go, a tranquil place of relaxation. I love when my clients are thoroughly impressed by creativity that isn’t too loud or gaudy. I am so enthused that I was given the opportunity to open my mind and expand on my creativity. I love the feeling of having my mind go places it hasn’t gone before. Allowing my creative juices to flow through nail artistry and create something so beautiful just like the black dress that I chose to showcase.  

Nail artistry and fashion go hand in hand. Hence, collaborating the two was a magnificent idea. I look forward to where this journey is going to take me in the future of nail design.  

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Week #1

A to Z CND

The moment I made the decision to do nails for a living I understood that the path I chose was going to be unconventional.  In fact, I knew many people in my life would not understand why I chose to do nails over a college degree and conventional lifestyle. In my family and community, entrepreneurship in the beauty industry was not encouraged; it was more viewed as a hobby, not a successful career. However, I knew better than to believe this notion. When I started doing nails, I had a burning desire to be more than just the local nail tech.  

I desire to master my craft and become an influencer in the nail industry. Don’t get me wrong–I love being behind the chair, but I want more for my craft. I never felt more alive than when I was at New York Fashion Week. It made me yearn for more creative, fast paced high fashion opportunities where I could create memorable work that would be the star of the show rather than a small element part of the show.  

I know the only way to obtain that level of success is through consistency.  Since the beginning of my journey, I have been consistent even when I had no or low support. I believed in me. My desire to be great kept pushing me to learn more.  I practiced every day on dummy hands and practiced on the few family members that would let me do their nails for free.  Giving up was not an option. 

Now, the same woman that no one wanted to receive a free nail service from has a full client list.  I am able to create clean classic nail looks as simple as a solid Shellac color. Or push the envelope with creative hand paintings, edgy geometric line work and stone design. My retention for clients is based on giving flawless fashion forward and wearable looks. 

I am capable of more. I know week by week these challenges will continue to push me out of my comfort zone and force me to rise to the occasion. I will master new skills to create noteworthy work. The work that I produce from this part of my journey will prove to myself that I am on the right path and on the way to making my dreams come true. 

CONSISTENCY: Contancy, steady, unchanging in nature 

NOTEWORTHY: Memorable, important  

DESIRE: Strong will or want

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