Here is the challenge issued to the finalists for Week #2:

The Haute Couture shows of Paris Fashion Week occur every January and July and are known for their exceptional artistry. These “high fashion” shows will be going on the week this challenge is live. To get in the spirit, we ask that the Top 13 create nail fashion inspired by the exquisite craftsmanship of couture clothing. Choose a haute couture designer and look you love, and create a nail design inspired by this look. You can choose any haute couture look and designer throughout the history of Paris Fashion Week, so long as you include an image of it for reference. Because haute couture is custom-made by a skilled artisan in the fields of embroidery, stitching, and beading with high-quality materials, your final nail design should be done on 10 nail tips pictured on two hands, and must contain beading, stitching or embroidery elements created with CND nail products. Submit a 5-minute video diary depicting your inspiration and creation of your haute couture nail elements.