Here is the challenge issued to the finalists for Week #8:

CND co-founder and style director Jan Arnold is known for her iconic fashion sense. NTNA Season 7 winner Giselle Caballero perfectly summed up Jan’s style by creating Harajuku punk nail art for Jan to wear.

Taking a cue from Jan’s style and Giselle’s concept, we ask that the Top 4 create a set of Harajuku Punk nail art to be worn on 10 nails. On one hand, show us a Harajuku punk style fit for the runway, including 3-D elements and embellishments. On the other hand, show us a wearable version that is 2-D only on short nails. Both looks must look cohesive. Because Jan’s style is unexpected, we ask that you add at least one found object (non-nail item) into this design. Submit a video diary (5-7 minutes) explaining the look you created and the techniques used. Because this manicure is inspired by Jan, ONLY CND products can be used except for embellishments AND the found object(s) included.