Full Name: Amberley Robinson
Hometown: Albuquerque, N.M.
Salon: Ramblin Roses Allure DBA The Nail Tattooist
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Acrylic and gel art
Favorite Nail Trend: Character faces

Nail art is like tattooing, my clients nails are a canvas of my creations. As a nail artist I see what others only catch a glimpse of and am able to create freely. I’m not afraid to try different mediums of art and will continue to challenge myself until I perfect it. I absolutely love the art of nails, it’s my true passion.

The Mediterranean makes me think of the beautiful blue color of the sea, amazing food, and the history. As I researched for inspiration, I continuously found images of the blue and White House’s near the sea in Santorini, Greece. Most of the images I found were from inside the homes looking out and having this amazing view. I loved the contrast of so many colors.

For my set I chose to go with this exact imagery. I wanted to transport myself as if I was on vacation sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine and the gorgeous view. I went with placing all the nails together to have as my background this way I can add layers to make it as if you’re looking out. I of course had to add in the Mediterranean tile as I had mentioned the last challenge that my Dad laid tile for a living which gave me inspiration to add it in. I enjoyed using all the new colors from CNDs summer collection. It definitely gave me the key to creating a perfect Mediterranean Dream.

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This challenge was definitely a challenge! Coming up with a monogram design for my nail artist name wasn’t easy. I was extremely stoked to use only red, black and white because these are my favorite colors.

As we know my nail artist name is The Nail Tattooist. Ironically enough the initials are TNT. I instantly start singing AC/DCs song “cause I’m TNT, I’m dynamite.” Gosh it takes me back to the good old days when I’d jam with my dad on the way to school. My dad actually was the one who inspired me in so many ways with my career.

Up until the day he passed he was pushing me to excel in my career and he was always mind blown by my nail art. He was an artist himself. He had been laying tile since he was 10yrs old. When I was 16 he did trade work to get me a tattoo machine so I could practice on fake skin. Being a tattoo artist was my original plan before deciding to be a cosmetologist. That dream didn’t quite work out as planned but I always would say I temporarily tattoo nails every 3 weeks which is where my name came from.

I chose to go with Sailor Jerry flash art not only because it fits the tattoo concept but because it’s personally a part of me. My right arm is tattooed with a lot of the flash art.

You can’t do a tattooed theme set without incorporating tattoo transfer paper. I adapted this idea not only because it fits a true tattoo artist and my nail artist name but to help when in a crunch painting out very detailed art. This set was my favorite so far.

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For this challenge I went with Shout Your beauty Avant Garde style. Being that I too am a hairstylist I went with using actual hair extensions for the first 5 nails. My favorite thing about doing hair is styling, specifically bridal updos. I love creating art pieces using different types of mediums and hair is one of them. In beauty school I had the opportunity to do an Avant Garde hair competition. What I love about avant-garde is that it’s not your typical styled hair, it is literal works of art. I decided to make the entirety of the nails using the hair extension this way the colors matched perfectly. I did each nail with different hair techniques.

For the other 5 nails I went with clothing. For a successful runway look you need amazing hair and loud fun outfits. I chose a punk style for this outfit. Bright colorful hair fits perfectly with the punk aesthetic. I very much admire the fashion and am very inspired by No doubt. This challenge was so much fun and I enjoyed creating these nails.

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For this set I didn’t really have a set theme I kinda just went with the flow. Once all was completed I definitely got 80’s vibes. For my work suitable nails I went with a medium oval length nail. I felt this length is an average workable length that most people pick. I chose to go with the ombre look because I wanted to challenge myself to attempt it using the Enrich RX builder gel. I’ve never attempted doing an ombré using gel. I’m definitely most used to doing ombres using only acrylics. I was very pleased with how workable the gel is and happy with the turn out. For the art I did 2 nails because most of my clients who have jobs that are picky usually go with a few nails for accents. I felt the art combo I went with worked perfectly together.

Creating the play set was interesting. First time making rings and boy was that fun! I wanted to add some bling but not your average sized bling. I said Go big or go home! Probably could’ve went even bigger. Being that a few of the nails were simple I wanted to add extra pizzazz by doing the large gems and incorporating the colors from the accent nails with colored wire. As for the art nails I didn’t want to take away from them so I made sure to make the rings where it still showed the art. This was a fun challenge, never did I think I’d be making nail jewelry myself but that’s the art of nails. You can create anything using nail products!

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Over the Top

When I think of futuristic my mind quickly goes to robots and circuits. This was my inspiration for this set. Creating ten nails with this theme was so hard for me not to be too “over the top.” I chose to use off the chains and lighting bolt as my over the top effects. Lighting bolt was perfect for the majority of the nails. The purple hue gave the nails the exact look I was going for. A pretty clear iridescent nail suited for the circuit nails giving just enough shine to look as if you were looking through the glass. For the aluminum or mercury look I was going for I used after hours. I couldn’t resist using it as it’s my new favorite metallic polish I’ve ever used.

Creating the Robot was my favorite. You can‘t have a futuristic set without a robot. The 3d elements were all created using the brisa gel as well as all my nails being sculpted with it. I went with a removable mask on the robot to be able to show the full details of the face. I was nervous to add white but with Off The Chains chrome added I felt it balanced out great. Gave the metal attachment on the tobot a beautiful opal shine. Also, I added extra length to give my nails more of an extreme look. This was a challenge that I am very proud of being that I’m pushing myself to the limits and trying to better myself at realistic portraits and 3d art. I’m very happy with the outcome and I hope you all enjoyed them too.

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Color Me KUPA

For this challenge I had my daughter pull from a bowl with all the names of KUPA’S color sleeves to help me decide what to illustrate. She pulled Moonlight Unicorn and Mermaid. Oddly enough these two mythical creatures are her favorite. So as you can imagine I had many different art references to decide from by just looking in her room. When deciding on how to do the first five nails my mind went right away to creating a night sky. I love painting skies because there is so many different contrast and colors you can combine together. New Mexico skies are beautiful and very colorful which gave me the inspo for the colors chosen for each set.Every image of a unicorn I found included clouds and instinctively I had to have a moon and some stars to successfully complete the theme. For the mermaid set I went with a sunset and underwater image of a beautiful mermaid. I included a rainbow with the ocean shoreline and some palm trees in the distance.I wanted the sets to be cohesive all together and by doing so I made sure that the sky went from sunset to the night sky. With both sets I was able to mix and match a few different ways. You could add the mermaid to the night sky and the Unicorn to the sunset. The one I chose to display was the unicorn with the rainbow and sunset. I felt the colors and imagery went perfectly together.

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Compassion is my personal strength and art is my nail technique strength. I chose to hand paint my art because I feel that it is my strongest nail technique. It’s exciting to fit an image on a tiny canvas. Also, working with the CND PlexiGel system was a breeze. I enjoyed every minute of it. For my personal strength I feel In order to be compassionate you must have these 4 key qualities: open mind, unity, love, and knowledge. For the open mind I went with the yoga pose. For unity I chose two hands interlocked. Love a realistic heart and knowledge a skull with the brain exposed and plants growing. To be open minded to me means to see things from all angles which is why I went with a 3-D layout and the yoga pose. Taking the time to listen and accept different ideas or opinions. Unity is excepting everyone for who they are with no judgment. Taking their hand and saying I support you. We all come from different backgrounds but we are all equally the same. I have a wide variety of cultures in my family which is why this is important to me. To be compassionate you must have love. Love shows that you have great interest and pleasure in something or someone. My parents’ love taught me this. Love hard and always be understanding, never go a day mad because tomorrow isn’t promised. Knowledge is to understand and educate yourself. The skull with the brain exposed and plants shows that we are made up of the same skeletal system but to grow we must use our brains to educate ourselves on things we don’t understand. Life isn’t easy, but if you can remember to use these key qualities, it will help to have a positive outlook on it. 

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