Full Name: Ewa Borkowska
Hometown: Kielce, Poland
Salon: Pin Up Studio
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Acrylic powder and gel
Favorite Nail Trend: Portrait art, one stroke

I’m Ewa and I live in central Europe, in Poland. That makes great impression on my style, since I try to merge western and eastern nail art style in my everyday work. From early childhood I was fascinated with painting. I tried to join art school when I was a teenager, but a car accident wasted that opportunity. After recovering, I was forced to go to gastronomic school. But – true love never fades. As a teenager I discovered nail art and instantly knew – “I wont be a cook, I gonna be famous nail artist!”. Since then I pursued my dream. Meanwhile, I was able to go to the academy of fine arts to learn various painting techniques. That greatly improved my skills in micropaiting, and they became my trademark. I also like to paint faces, but my true love is one stroke technique and eastern Zhostovo. In my nail art I often use acrylic powder and gel to make extreme shapes and very long nails. I try to incorporate eastern painting techniques and I think that makes my nail art quite special. I hope that my work will inspire some stylists to go further and look for unconventional inspirations – we all deserve interesting works to look upon.


Color Me KUPA

I got a few covers for my lamp, by far the one in the rose gold color is my favorite. I prepared my tips and rose gold dust. I started with a pink color foundation. I hardened it in the lamp and after 10 seconds, when the top coat was still warm, I started rubbing in rose gold dust.The 10 second curing is the time it takes for the top coat to harden enough, not to sag, but soft enough to absorb the dust. It is important to use a hard rubbing applicator, so the dust pats in faster and better.Another cap for this lamp is the cheetah pattern, which I like very much. I will use this pattern to make my second set of tips. This combination may seem strange to some, but I love such unconventional work!I painted my nails white and then covered them with a matte top. I made geometric shapes with a yellow paint gel. I have painted lines using yellow color. then I created the center by mixing different paint gels until I got cheetah-like shades.Since two sets of tips are supposed to match, I recreated the same geometric shapes on the second set of rose gold tips – triangles and rectangles. Thanks to this, each nail fits perfectly with the others. Since the lamp has a matte white casing, I wanted to keep the mat on the tips. After outlining the geometric shapes with a black line. I only polish these elements. On another set of Rose Gold tips, I painted white lines with paint gel. While they were still wet, I sprinkled the lines with clear acrylic and hardened. I brushed off the excess acrylic pollen and the lines became dull, like the lamp housing.

I had to make nails using PlexiGel and then finish them with the technique I am best at. Also, on two of those nails, I was asked to show a character trait that distinguishes me among other stylists. First, I used a nail form to build the nails. PlexiGel has the perfect consistency for this. After curing, I got a solid, flexible nail base. Then I built my nails with PlexiGel. The brush is in the bottle cap, so I save time and don’t have to use one of my own. The product is self-leveling and really easy to work with. Then, I built another nail with different plexiglass colors and then finished them with a nail file. I wanted to present my favorite techniques and decorations, which is face art and one stroke. I especially like to paint it in turquoise and blue colors, so I made a background for my one stroke. I blended the turquoise and blue colors to create ombre nails. The character trait I like the most about myself is communicativeness. I’m such a talker! I enjoy talking with teenagers about their music idols and school problems. I especially like older women, because they are always cheerful and make me smile. So I painted two girls who talk to each other as a symbol of communicativeness. With the help of paint gels, I added some one stroke flowers and leaves. I topped the whole thing with a CND shiny top coat.