Full Name: Marija Sechovcova
Hometown: Holbæk, Sjælland, Denmark
Salon: Nails By Masha
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Polygel, Gel, Acrylic, Gel polish
Favorite Nail Trend: Realistic portraits, prints

I love everything about nails and nail art, especially realistic portraits, 3-D figures, and wild shapes. Nails are more an art piece for me than just a hobby or job. This is where I can show the inner me/my character. Everything that surrounds me I can use as inspiration for nail designs. The thing that inspires me most is my inner feelings and emotions.


Big Impact

This Final challenge was interesting to work with! Because we needed to show our big plans after the competition. Why did I choose a turtle and elephants? Because I decided to put a hidden symbols which means (wisdom, knowledge, good luck) this is what I got during the competition. It helped me to go out of my comfort zone, out of my little box. This competition is an amazing chance, where all nail artists can challenge themselves and find out how many things they can create! The meaning behind the globe with an airplane means international, and this is because my big plan is to become an International Educator. The competition helped me to grow, like the little seed to the big tree. Therefore, I made this little young tree growing straight up and holding a building on. That means I will always grow up, as an educator and nail artist and after that I want to open my little school, where I can teach other people to become nail artists and show them, that nails are something more! That nails are a pure ART, where you can express yourself and put your feelings in the art/design. Nails are mini canvases where you can paint everything you want and not paint only, but also make sculptures. As we all know, this is our last challenge, and I want to thank everyone who pushed me all the way where I am now. Thank you so much!

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This has been an interesting challenge as we needed to surprise the judges with a brand-new shape that no one has ever made before. This one time has been a big challenge for me to find and make something new, especially when there are so many different and wild looking shapes on the social medias already. For this challenge I wanted to create something wild and special and for my inspiration, I chose to use AVAVAV design boots and for the 3-D elements, I got my inspiration from some futuristic designer bags and paintings. Those shoes are exactly something that people have never been seen before and especially in these times, it is a common and popular theme to create this kind of surreal design that looks abnormal. One other reason I chose to make those tiny hands as a nail shape is that I work with my hands daily, and this is a part of my profession as I like to work with hands, and this kind of shape has not ever been seen or made before. The theme of this challenge is the Next Top Nail Shape, and when I think about the name It tells me about “The future”. That is why, I choose to go broad in this direction, with an abstract, futuristic, and surrealistic theme of my nail art.

WEEK # 9

Miami Swim Week

For this challenge I decided to create an imitation of a Polaroid photo with Halston himself in memory of him, because in this challenge’s theme it is about him and his designs, but it is also about the year. We needed to create a nail art inspired by his collections from 80’s and because of that the retro polaroid photo makes a match to the whole look.
For my nail art I got my inspiration from some of his beautiful dresses from the 80’s. Halston’s designs are made in a more simple way but it’s still so beautiful and elegant and I wanted to behold his simplicity while I added some more things to the nails. I have chosen to add ruffles in 4 different colors (pink, violet, gold and black) which was also most used in Halston’s clothes, and it also reminds some of his ruffle dresses.
I also mixed it with a polka dot and added a lot of sequins and crystals to make it look like a set for Miami.
As we know, this challenge is called Miami Swim Week so I thought that it would be interesting to add those words on my nails which also reminds me of those neon signs on some buildings in Miami.

WEEK # 8

The Glo Up

For this challenge, I decided to create a glowing fantasy fairy tale forest with two Jerboas. I also tried to create tips in a more different looking way, and therefore I used a lighter to change the shape of the tips, which looks like a giant grass formed as a hand. For the lightning I used Christmas lights because it was really hard to find something as a mini-LED lights or phosphor colors in my city, and I was not able to order it online in so short time. This Christmas light is attached to the giant flowers and a little neon glass mushroom, and it gives an interesting effect to the whole look. The reason why I added Jerboas is because these animals look so cartoonish and fantasy alike, and by adding them to my forest they made this look complete. To make them more fantasy I added small earrings on their ears and one of them is holding a giant flower. I created these Jerboas with my mixed clear acrygel and an enrich builder gel. To create the fur, I used my old wig hair mixed with brush bristles. By mixing two colors it helped me to achieve more realistic fur look and this color that Jerboas have.

The challenge “Mediterranean Dream” was very interesting to work with, because the theme brings feelings and memories of a hot summer holiday, which amazes me, especially when the weather is so cold outside in my hometown. I made my little research for my inspiration and collected some items, from different locations, such as Greece, Spain, Turkey, and Maldives. My decision was to create a whole diorama of this most known views of white concrete walls with these wooden deep blue doors and windows, colorful mosaic tiles, amazing view to the turquoise water and green mountains. To make the “look” even more realistic and vacation-like, my idea was to add those small extra details as a mini lemon tree in a pot, leaning chair, sandals, bag with a little sunscreen, and many other mini details things.I wanted to bring this summer vacation vibe to everyone, when just by looking at it, it will teleport you right to the place, where you can just lean down on this yellow leaning chair and relax by enjoying a cold glass of fresh lemonade. This is a Dream, a Mediterranean Dream.

In this challenge when I saw that we needed to use only 3 colors which are black, white, and red I decided to create a print inspired by Turkish culture. My husband is from Turkey and this country is filled with amazing arts and prints on carpets, walls, and floors. I thought that it would be an interesting idea to use it as an inspiration for my nail art.

My monogram is also created in a similar style which can perfectly blend with the rest of the print. My monogram, which is a red M and black N stands for Masha Nails. I decided to not use so many of the monograms because I wanted to create a balance between print and my monogram.

I also created some extremely shaped nails because I thought that they would look too simple if I focused on the design only. The shape of my nails is also an imitation of a carpet that is laying on a nail. To give a more carpet look I used some regular treads in 3 different colors (black, white, and red) and created some knots on the tip of the nails because these small details remind me of the colorful and detailed Turkish carpets.

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I have chosen the theme Art of Prediction, because when I think about prediction, it is something mystical, mysterious, and magical and by creating a set of nails with this theme there are so many interesting details and nail art I can create. I decided to sculpt a 3-D figure which is a prediction creature, and it is a mix of a human and a raven. The raven is also known as a magical bird, but it is also a most used detail in 3-D nail arts and because of that I decided to go more further and create this kind of interesting creature.

I also added some Tarot cards since it is a prediction card. I created two of my favorite cards which are Wheel of Fortune and Tree of Swords. The Wheel of Fortune is an interesting card, because it can go in both ways as a negative or positive. Overall, this card means achievement, good outcomes etc. Then the other card, which is a Tree of swords, means that lessons learned, the revelation of the truth and bad thing are finally cleared away. My creature is also holding a sword, which also leads to another tarot card that is called Ace of Swords. This card means exiting ideas, and that everything is beginning to take a shape.
This challenge’s theme is “the Beauty Changes Lives Experience” and in those three Tarot cards I am hiding a little hint of how my life is changing. To make this set more fashionable and give it a runway look, I sculpted an extreme long and curled shape on my other hand. It blends well with the other spiritual nails and helping the look by not looking so much like Halloween nails.

As we know the most workplaces don’t allow employees to have long nails with wild designs, so because of this I chose to create some concrete textured nails with a touch of liquid silver. Concrete is trendy right know. It is used in furniture, decorations etc., and my thought was, that it would also look good on nails. To create this texture, I used 3 shades of shellac (dark grey, black, and white). I used a regular sponge to create this natural texture of the concrete. I also decided to add some silver parts to these nails, so it would give more interesting details and the nails would not look so simple anymore. I use this shade of silver because of the accessories that I created, so it would match and have the same theme.
The accessories that I created are inspired by Schiaparelli couture spring/summer 2021. By creating the accessories, I wanted to show that it is possible to sculpt a whole finger with the ENRICHRx gel. The idea behind this design is that I wanted to create accessories that have no need to use glue or stickers on the actual nails, because it is made as a ring. As we know, in this challenge we needed to create all accessories out of nails product which I also did. The pearls and green emeralds are also created with gel and Shellacs.


Over the Top

When I found out that this 3rd challenge is going to be about futuristic nails, I was beyond happy because I am the biggest fan of the futuristic fashion, sci-fi, universe, and off course aliens.I wanted to create something unusual, a shape which no one has created before. With a little and quick research, I found the perfect inspiration for my nails. The most known fashion designer Alexander McQueen who is known for his futuristic, alien fashions and some more creative designers whose accessories I got inspired by. In this challenge we also needed to use CND’s nail forms, which were the first aluminum nail sculpting forms. This was also an amazing inspiration for me to create my futuristic, liquid aluminum nails. For my not typical nail form I used a regular tip to create a carcass for my 3-D nails, and I also wanted to show that this is possible to create all kinds of 3D details and general wild designs with a gel. To give this look a more extra futuristic vibe, I decided to add some extra interesting details.

When we hear about word “future or futuristic” the first thing gets into our heads is of course robots/cyborg. By this idea I created some accessories for my hands by also sculpting it with the Brisa gel and Plexi gel and colored it with the CND’s Shellacs. Over the Top effect (lightning bolt) was an amazing finish touch, because of its aluminum/metallic imitation.
To finish it out I added small CND logos on the plates, because as we know the CND is the biggest future for the nail industry.

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Color Me KUPA

I decided to choose two color sleeves by Kupa which is called Mermaid and Pixie. These both sleeves have amazing neon colors, and this is an amazing inspiration for my nail art, because it’s so colorful. The colors in sleeves are Purple, Pink, light pink, light blue, blue, black, and white.To create both sets I got my inspiration from 80’s and 90’s techno/neon/sci-fi theme, Bob Ros, Van Gogh. If we look at the color sleeves, it has this kind of neon futuristic look.In my first set (Mermaid color sleeve) I created some neon sculptures which are looking at each other, the pink sculpture is a mermaid, and she is looking at her beloved one, it also a one inspired art by a most popular fairytale (Little Mermaid) and I thought it would match with the theme. To make it more mermaid/sea themed alike I also created a pink neon dolphin, which is flying in the neon/blue and glittery skies.In this set I have been used all the colors which are included in the (Mermaid) sleeve. White and black waves, squares with a touch of blue and purple/pink to create neon effect. Blue and light blue with a bit of purple on the first sculpture, pink and purple on another sculpture and the dolphin, and I also decided to put a pigment which worked amazing and gave these two shades of blue and purple.The second set (Pixie) is inspired by Bob Ros Mountains paintings and Van Gogh the Starry Night, but I also gave it a more sci-fi neon twist. This set includes more pink/purple and blue/violet, white and black colors. I call this set a Kupa Universe, because I also painted some teeny tiny Kupa symbols on the suns.

I would say that my inner strength is based on imagination and creativity. I have been working on butterfly form nails since the symbol behind it is very special. Butterflies symbolize freedom, soul, and transformation, which is why I choose these symbols, as they illustrate my personal qualities. It was interesting for me to challenge myself and make a very special and difficult shape, which I have not tried before. As a result, I enjoyed making these shapes, which it is important to state that CND PlexiGel is perfect for use in this matter. Furthermore, it is a big pleasure for me to show my working methods, skillset, and techniques that I believe that I am good at. I have painted a young girl, which illustrates me as a person. Under the portrait of the young little girl, it is possible to see the moon and the clock that I have painted. Those two subjects also have very meaningful symbols, which is a spiritual emotion, intuition (moon), and balance (clock). I have illustrated my inner little world. Its means that since I was a young girl I have created my art/imagination world. As soon as I was sad, depressed or just felt bad I went to this world and it always helped me to get away from those grey and sad days. I added some colors in my days from my world with my creations where I got my ideas from. That is how I get inspired to create something special and unique. Get all my fantasies and creativity for my nail arts, nails, and a lot of other kinds of designs.