Full Name: Nancy Janssen
Hometown: Schijndel, The Netherlands
Salon: Studio Attitude
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Gel, 3-D GEL, Acrylic paint, Gel Polish, Mix media
Favorite Nail Trend: Hand-Painted Nails with gel paint, 3-D elements

I am energetic, funny, a bit chaotic, always with my head in the creative clouds. I always think outside the box. Every challenge or competition I challenge myself to constantly innovate and grow within myself. In other words, a way to challenge myself as a nail technician. I think I can best describe myself as an artist with a creative messy mind that needs continuous growth which keeps me energized. I look forward to the challenges and to meet the other participants, but also the nail techs who are following NTNA. I think people want to vote for me because I’m cute and funny and because they’ll see a little bit of themselves in me. Ultimately, I just want to have a lot of fun in the upcoming NTNA challenges.


Big Impact

The NTNA competition is a tremendous experience. The Art of perception and how we can learn and change our mind to create new art. That is a big impact for your brain to experience.

What have I learned from it and what will I really do after the competition? With my crazy designs and creative twist, I’m known as a nail educator who likes to teach her students the skill of nail design and challenge themselves. This challenge forced me to work with my own thoughts. The creative side of my brain guided me to use my hands and tools to create this artwork. Big challenge with so many ideas in one brain. You see the faces they represent, the nail lovers over the world, they have these glowing, multi-colored faces. You see something fascinating happen when the petals of a flower open up. This  also happens with nail technicians everyone has something unique and special, but you have to learn to show it.

Big 3D is synonymous with sky-high. But we can also extend our work surface and make it wider. The training should focus on color, broadening technical level and theory knowledge for everyone to grow in their skills and knowledge. A big part of what I enjoy about 3D is creating detailed designs with inlayers and reliefs. A  Nailart Training that is transparent and allows everyone to grow and where  they can actually improve their self in nail art. The idea is not to copy, but to create. Look in the mirror and find out who you are as a stylist. Focus on possibilities instead of solutions. If a solution is needed, know how to implement it. Just be that beautiful butterfly that can spread their wings out to fly in the beautiful nail world.

Anyhow, I am confident that this year, I can once again make a positive impression with many nail technicians by encouraging them to push themselves out of their comfort zones and to grow and develop, make mistakes and learn from it. Don’t forget to keep on smiling and have fun in your work!  See you in ORLANDO!

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My battle suit is on for this challenge 10, but I will wear them on my nails. The image of a warrior princess has always fascinated me. If it were me, what would I look like, and what sword would I choose? I will create my own fantasy warrior nail shape and embellish it with art for this challenge. I was thinking that maybe a green armor suit will be the perfect fit for my warrior look with my orange hair. I will at least put up a  fun fight with my new warrior nails. Have fun watching!

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WEEK # 9

Miami Swim Week

With an upcoming show on Netflix, American fashion designer Halston has never been more relevant than now. His stamp on fashion is largely felt on the catwalks because he was the first American luxury brand on the market. Dresses, evening gowns, jumpsuits, and ready-to-wear were all created by Halston.As soon as we mention Miami, I immediately think of Miami Vice. In my set, the base color matches the Miami Vice color palette. The colors appear as graphic MIA-MI texts in various colors and playful color palette. The print will definitely look great on a bathing suit, bikini, kaftan, or wrap dress. Thumbs up to the simple, elegant, and playful smocked dresses. Plus, the gold bronze texture adds depth and dimension.Let’s be honest here, the ruffle bikini. Surely you have it too! The ruffles are meant to look like they are pleated like a fabric. Golden sequins add an elegant touch. The Halston nails also have extra bands in the waist, because Halston accentuates at the right places. so here also with some extra bling bling my ruffle nail becomes eye-catching.The golden MIAMI chains and the necessary bling is not complete for the Miami look. Because the nice thing is that these necklaces also give the draped, waterfall dresses and sequin dresses, but with a miami look and feel. My set is now ready to wear for Miami!

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WEEK # 8

The Glo Up

I got my inspiration from shapes of  lamps en art lights from Dutch light art festival GLOW in Eindhoven.The light festival consists of about 25 to 30 light art projects by national and international light artists and talents each year. At this festival, you can see a lot of innovative light art. Some art projects have modern carved shapes and natural shapes.

Because my veins are bubbling from creativity, the 3-D veins that I created  just bring harmony to this design. The tiny dots stand for the energy and also for seeds. The mandela  flowers appear to grow and glow from the nails.  Mandela is all about the balance of creativity and Innovation and bring  good vibes and energy for growth. I love how a flower can change in the light over the day. So that’s why I created flowers that give light and can change when you put nail art  into the ManiPro Glo Lamp.

So I will apply neon colors in my design so that it gives an extra vibe when the nail art is placed under the blue light. Obviously I need to add a glowing starfish since we are a star that shines in this challenge, and we are already a star since we reached the top 5 of this NTNA challenge.

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The Mediterranean Dreams material is all about travel, the sun, the beaches, and warm temperatures. CND mediterian dream collection colors where I used Mediterranean art tiles to create a beautiful  flat background for my design. Greek architecture and sea views make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This view painting for a splendid landscape is laid in a horizontal way, then colored in Vinylux with a spectacular sea view.

It’s the lemon trees that give my design that ultimate 3-D effect. From every angle, you can see new things emerging. You can see how the old weathered blue fence isn’t flat and is actually 3 dimensional. Lastly, you cannot forget Versace’s perfectly cast gold baroque elements that are well-known. And the Red Italian flowers pair perfectly with the Mediterranean tiles and Versace, yet they also give me a feeling of happiness.

As you can see from the map, I’ve been around quite a bit already, but I still have much to discover in the future , and hopefully my dreams will be fulfilled.

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My own logo from my hair & nail salon still remains my favorite. But let me also combine a monogram with a letter to make it myself..

Burberry and Dior’s Louis Vuitton prints stand out to me in particular. I find these fashion brands to be the ultimate example of monograms and prints.

I don’t know about you, but I really can’t live without a bag that holds everything I need. Nevertheless, let me design my own bag based on a fashion nail idea with my own monogram in the colors red, white, and black.

As Louis Vuitton releases some special editions, I give each nail a unique design with my monogram printed on them.

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I have chosen the theme shout your beauty, but I’m going to give this a little twist by showing you a little more about me so you get to know me a little better. My experience with the hair industry wasn’t very enthusiastic. I’ll tell you that. I was initially not interested in the hairdressing industry, but when I saw the selection of colors, and I am not talking about browns, blondes etc, but colors like greens oranges, blues, pinks, and purples. I was sold! Not only that, but I also worked in the salon where I gained my expertise during my internship. The experience I gained from watching fashion shows and hairdressing fashion shows has been very inspiring to me as a hairdresser. I’ve enjoyed seeing shapes, textures, and colors that can be applied to hair in the salon. It is amazing how hair can paint a picture of your personality; Jan Arnold’s cut is soo ionic you won’t forget it. So this time, I have my own inspiring experience with her fashion avant garde show SHOUT YOUR HAIR but on nails. My 15 years of experience as a hairdresser led me to use neon pigments, textures, hair style and techniques to illustrate my shout your hair theme. If you are curious how I achieved this, check out my BCL experience and shout your hair.

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Work Play Everyday. That’s what I do every day in my salon. Going to work every day and creating the most beautiful nails, playing with color / products and all their possibilities in nail art or shapes of nails.

But we as 9 of ntna are just a bit busy, normally we are already busy bees as a nail stylist, but now with NTNA and its fantastic playful challenges in every week,  busy bees is made very figurative. I used a graphic honeycomb nail art design in my everyday nail set, but also made a bee because bees are beautiful creatures and very undervalued, but very valuable. A bit like us nail technicians. Anyway, every day I am in my salon with a very positive attitude, but I am also still positive in ntna’s challenge.

In the evening, I really want to be a queen. The honey is my bling bling, crown jewels and the liquid gold. You see the nectar balls everywhere, ready to be processed into the golden, shiny honey. You can change the place of the flower and the bee and make this set completely playful for both day and night. But you can also choose to create a more Queen Bee look with nail extensions, gold crown and as an extra the rings!

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Over the Top

This round was asked to create a futuristic look as inspiration for the cnd nail templates. I still remember the great euphoric feeling when I was able to place my first template correctly. So now I want nothing more than to show this nail template all its ins and outs, and totally create a graphic futuristic look. Because the nail templates make me feel like I can make and create anything you want as a nail stylist.

I have chosen to place a more graphic nail. But in addition all aspect like c curve, Lowerarch Upperarche lines that we see on the template, but which is also structurally important to be able to create beautiful slim strong nails. The colors I used in combination with the over de top effects gave for me a really strong futuristic vibe. See how my vision is about creating a nail over the top with all the fun aspects that we can create with the future forms.

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Color Me KUPA

I love hand painting and that’s why I want to show you great techniques in this challenge that you can really pop with in your own designs in the salon. Multi color layering and high and lowlight techniques turn any design into a potential banger, once you know how to use it. My choice fell on the princess theme, with her soft beautiful color that gave her graceful appearance, I wanted to give it a tough look, with an eye patch and of course her mega cool padded chair in pink color. Roses are perfect for every girl, as they are beautiful. I didn’t know what a candy apple was, but after some googling I came up with a lot of nice candy apples with a twist. And I love a nice twist in a theme so my candy apple became a powerful magic lady who kept her magic golden chrome  apples and candies in her magic castle. May I introduce candy apple princess. c

The first strength I had to show was my strongest nail art skill. The nail art technique I have chosen is the hand painting nail art. And I like it with any product from gel paint, gel polish, color gels, even color acrylic powders. You will see a lot of highlights, lowlights, and fine lines in this design. The second strength, non-nail related personal strength (wisdom, multitasking, parenting) of myself. I selected parenthood. In Greek mythology, the female lion and cubs were a symbol of maternal instinct. The Dutch symbol is also a Lion, and in football we are called the Dutch lions. But when we think of the Netherlands, we see orange color. So that brought me to my favorite place in nail art colors. And of course I come from the Netherlands, so I had to make tulips. The tulips also come in many strong colors, but also in many shapes. But it is precisely in this competition in which you enter into your own personal strength and to challenge yourself in this competition, you are already strong and courageous enough to colorfully challenge. This design represents me as a Dutch mama Lion and her 3 kids. Enjoy , I hope you will like them.and have fun get too know me a little bit more.

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