Mediterranean Dream: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

The seventh challenge of the season asked our Top 6 to create a Mediterranean-inspired mani across 10 nail tips in honor of CND’s new summer 2022 collection.

This week’s guest judges were the Top 3 of NTNA Season 7: Giselle Caballero, Stella Sampson, and Allison Goertzen.

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Marija: The meticulous, tiny details upped the ante for this overall design. The stucco wall and tiles were favorite techniques among the judging panel. Every time the judges viewed your design, they saw something new, which is a high compliment from this week’s judges. Well done!

Nic: The judges received your postcard and they loved it! Thank you for sharing your Mediterranean memories with us and bringing them to life so vividly in this set. The color choices and pro tips were unique and inspiring. Bravo!

Trina: You stepped it up this week Trina! The judges agree that this is perhaps your best set of the season. The colorful Vinylux flowers are genius and the judges wanted to drink in your Limoncello. Keep up the momentum from this set and you’re sure to give your fellow competitors a run for that prize money!

Amberley: The painting of the water and detail on the rocks are so well done. The same attention to detail could have been given to other parts of this piece though. More techniques at this level of the competition would push you further toward the top. Make sure you don’t lose focus in your videos as it can be distracting.

Kristen: The judges love your beautiful writing and unique approach to this challenge. However, your placement of the nail tips was a risk that did not pay off for all the judges. Incorporating more detail into your work would improve your score. Your lemons and wine glass are examples of elements that do work well in this set.

Nancy: At NTNA, we encourage risk-taking and were happy to see that you took a different approach to the challenge this week. While some judges loved your unique take, others felt the end result was muddled and crowded. More teaching moments in your video could have supplemented your score this week.