Miami Swim Week: The Top 2 and the Bottom 2

Challenge #9 channeled the ’80s glamour of Halston and the flashy fashion of Miami Swim Week. Contestants were asked to create Blonds-worthy nail art inspired by last year’s Miami Swim Week Show.

This week’s guest judges were Season 4 champion Tracey Lee and Season 1 second runner-up Buddy Sims.

In alphabetical order, the Top 2 are:

Marija: You dazzled the judges this week with what is perhaps the most Blonds and Miami-inspired look. The ode to Halston with your gorgeous portrait work really satisfied the challenge requirements and proved you’re here to challenge yourself. If your lettering had read correctly and not backwards, you may have had more perfect scores.

Nic: Hands-down, your set honored Halston the best. In true Nic fashion, you packed your artwork full of detail and gave us a perfect video tutorial. The only slight criticism here is that this set doesn’t read Miami Swim Week, still we think the Blonds would love several aspects of these nails.

Nancy: We know you’re a massively talented artist, but this week your work was way too safe. The judges craved more Miami and more drama in this set.

Trina: Trina, we appreciate the references to Halston with a minimal aesthetic and orchid-inspired Shellac colors. However, this set was too minimal for Miami Swim Week and Week 9 of NTNA.