Monogram Madness: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

The sixth challenge this season asked contestants to design using KUPA’s MANIPro Glo Lamp, a luxurious salon accessory, as inspo. The arm rest is modeled after popular designer monogram prints like that of Louis Vuitton. For this challenge, artists made their own pattern or print and illustrated it across five nails. This print MUST contain their monogram and because this is a KUPA challenge, ONLY KUPA’s signature colors (red, white, and black) can be used.   

This week’s Guest Judges: Ashton Harlan, Carly Snyr, Nixxi Rose 

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Marija: Judges love how you are showing your personality a little more every week and letting us into your world. Your video demos have vastly improved—it’s easy to follow you, see the intricate details and learn from you. The use of added 3‐D on top of the nails and around the fingers was so unique and the use of strings attached at the ends matched with the monogram style and helped the  monograms stand out and was a perfect addition. Great work!

Nancy: You are a natural on camera and so fun to watch. Your overall design was very avant‐garde and ‘High Fashion’ which fit very well with the monogram/designer theme. Judges loved the saddle bag purse being the actual shape of the nail and that you used tape to keep yourself in line. Remember to keep gloves clean and pristine while working to keep that ‘Professionalism’ score high!

Nic: Your monogram is detailed, understated and repeated throughout the design. It is clear and well defined.

The judges love the way you explains things and puts your personality into the voice overs because it keeps it easy to  listen to and understand but remember to zoom in closer so we can savor every detail.  Judges loved watching your geometric inspiration come to life with these nails.

Amberley: Judges loved  that you used tattoo transfer paper to add the hand and tattoo gun logo (“very innovative!”) and they thought your monogram, TNT, was powerful.  They also loved getting to know you better and hear about your journey. One judge felt the nails need to be more defined and that you could have pushed the design a bit further. They noticed the details (like painting white under the red to make it pop), though, and appreciated these moments.  Be mindful of spelling as this set represents your brand.

Kristen: Your FOX monogram was simple, chic and effective. One judge thought it was a bit too simple, and that you might be playing it too safe. The purse was “inspired” and very neatly executed.  As you do your videos, it was suggested you avoid overusing the word ‘just’ because it might imply everything was easy and casually put together.  Finally, try playing around with hand poses to show off your beautiful creations!

Trina: Your monogram carried through from hand painted art to the 3‐D elements—very nice! One judge felt, however, that the monogram is too complicated and not easily understood. Another judge loved the vintage vibes and mixed textures.  You provided some very good tips in your video.