Next Top Nail Shape: The Top 3

With only three competitors left, we will not be naming a Top or Bottom. Read on to see what the judges had to say about these innovative nail shapes.

This week’s guest judges were ALL of our NTNA champions: Ryoko Garcia, Lavette Cephus, Tracey Lee, Valerie Ducharme, Ashton Harlan, Giselle Caballero, and Melisa Salazar.

Marija: The judges were torn on whether or not this psychedelic hand indeed constituted a new shape. They all agree that the colors in your ombré and your technique were dazzling. When it comes down to added elements like the NTNA sign and the red rings, they don’t look finely sculpted or thought out. For a final challenge, the video could include more teaching moments. The overall impact of this set and the inspiration did pack a punch though, and for that, we applaud you!

Nic: When it comes to using an E-file to create this week’s entry, no one did it better than you. Your set is all about detail and you offer it in spades. Every element is beautifully created and your video is full of ideas, tips, and gives us insight into your brilliance. This look, however, is very dark. While we love that you used KUPA Triptych for each element, could you have incorporated brighter pops of color into some of these details for a more enhanced, fanciful take on Sherwood Forest? All in all, you branched out for this challenge and produced a phenomenal piece!

Nancy: Your warrior theme was well-received by the judges – who all know what it’s like to fight to the finish in NTNA. While your video earned major kudos, your artwork raised some questions. The idea of armor is a solid one for this set, but midway through you referenced this as being a dragon by including scales, but then shifted gears by adding embellishments. Try focusing on one theme and keeping the artwork consistent throughout. The judges also aren’t sure about the shaping of this set. It doesn’t look unique enough to constitute a new design. Perhaps varying the shapes nail to nail could have differentiated the look more. Congratulations on all your hard work this week!

Tune in tomorrow to see who will be moving on to the finale at Premiere Orlando!