Over the Top: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

The third challenge asked contestants to look to the future and create over the top nail art using metallics and chromes only in honor of CND’s Future Forms.

This week’s guest judges were Celina Ryden and Sarah Elmaz.

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Marija: The judges all agree that this set screams “futuristic” and it is artfully executed. The webbing was gorgeous and created a unique look that met the challenge guidelines. The judges were torn on whether having one cohesive design was enough for an artist of your caliber. Overall, over the top excellent!

Nathan: Your multi-use of chromes and organic shapes combined with your Iris Van Herpen inspiration wowed the judges this week. Creating even more dimension in color choice, length, and design, could add even more points to your already high score. BRAVO!

Nic: So much went into your set this week, and here at NTNA, we are all about more — so we thank you for piling on the stories and product! You made the Future Forms the hero of this week’s set, and that was what the challenge was really all about. Thank you for capturing the judge’s imaginations this week!

Amberley: All smart choices this week, Amberley. Your robot nail went over extremely well with all the judges. Now work on refining some of your line and video work to put your next entry over the top.

Kristen: The judges were split on the success of your steampunk inspiration. Regardless, they advise you kick it into a higher gear by avoiding molds in the competition.

Nancy: These are futuristic nails and the amount of product used was cool and diverse. The blue was against the rules, but stellar work nonetheless.

Trina: Your hologram nail is something almost every judge pointed to as being exceptional. The rest of your nails just need to be amped up a bit more — something we all know you’re capable of doing. Show us more exceptional and extraordinary artwork to push your way into the top!

Anastasiya: The judges appreciate your movie reference, but aren’t sure how it relates to the challenge of being Over the Top. Showing more attention to the other nails besides the alien and predator would have elevated this set.

Ella: This set is way too safe for NTNA. It is not futuristic or over the top. NTNA requires much more drama and risk-taking to make it in the competition.

Quyên: The judges liked the length of these nails. However, butterflies don’t really fit with the theme, and as discussed previously, are a bit overdone for NTNA. Even though you didn’t have access to Over the Top powder, you could have made this set work by incorporating other chromes or metallics to better adhere to the challenge guidelines. Keep in mind that the judges love a resourceful competitor.