The BCL Experience: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

The fifth challenge this season asked contestants to choose a past Beauty Changes Lives Experience theme and bring it to life on runway-ready nails. To further celebrate the 10th anniversary of Beauty Changes Lives, they also had to mention how beauty changed their life in their video diary.

This week’s guest judge was NTNA S. 2 champion and past BCLE NEXTGEN artist Lavette Cephus.

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Marija: Your creation this week mesmerized the judges, who applaud your sculpting capabilities and professionalism. A few very minor tweaks to your video would have made your score almost perfect.

Nancy: The judges agree, your creation this week was a breath of fresh “hair.” Every nail had immaculate detail, a story, and terrific technique behind it. You went above and beyond this week, Nancy!

Nic: We are all so glad the beauty industry chose you, Nic. The stone nails and scale of this set were incredibly on-point. This set is larger than life, and screams, not only “Art of Prediction,” but “Beauty Changes Lives!”

Kristen: The improvements to your video were noticed by the judges this week. A little more brightening would make your video even closer to perfect. The judges just wish there was a little bit more technique in your video so we could get even more inside your head and see more of your nail art come to life. The judges were split on if these nails were truly avant-garde. Overall, great work this week!

Amberley: First of all, the judges noted significant improvement in your artwork this week. They can tell you are pushing yourself and appreciate your stepped up game. More extreme shapes and better audio would boost your score even more.

Anastasiya: Sharper edges, cleaner lines, and some more pro tips would have upped your score this week. That being the said, the judges see your improvements in your video submission and want to encourage you to keep up the great work.

Trina: The judges missed your voice over this week. While they loved your personal story, they wish they had heard it at the beginning and not at the end of your video, which was a bit lengthy.