The Glo Up: The Top 2 and the Bottom 2

Challenge #8 called for entries that would brighten our week. Our Top 5 had to create glowing nail art on 10 tips in honor of KUPA’s MANIPro Glo Lamp.

This week’s guest judges were the first runner-up and second runner-up of NTNA Season 8: Stephanie Loesch and Jessica Warzyniak.

In alphabetical order, the Top 2 are:

Nancy: Your piece this week utilized a myriad of tools and techniques to create a unique design with intricate texture. When it comes to the inspiration for your piece, it’s absolutely spot on, and honors your homeland wonderfully.

Nic: Boy did you set the scene for the judges this week. You instantly transported us to this alleyway and gave the judges a VIP experience. For all this, you received many glowing reviews.

Marija: The judges felt this design was gorgeously executed, but overall very safe for you. While you achieved the fairy tale look, we weren’t sure what the story was behind going in this direction.

Kristen: Your hand painting, video, and write-up are all well done. Where there is room for improvement is the level of technique. Your hand painting for this piece is gorgeous, but it isn’t advanced enough for Top 5. For example, the base nails are super cool and fit your theme perfectly, but they are abstract patterns. Added dimension and visual interest with painting and sculpting of the skull and brain and base nails could have made this set even more mind-blowing.

Trina: You made the judges do a double take because your MANIPro Glo Lamp looks just like the real thing! While the execution of this lamp is gorgeous, the color sleeves are not technically challenging creations. They are beautiful, but at this point in the competition we need to see artwork that demonstrates advanced skillset for every single piece.