Color Me KUPA: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congrats Marija on this colorful win! This marks her second win of the season! These sets perfectly exemplify Mermaid and Pixie with a funky twist that’s interchangeable and cool.

Here’s what the judges had to say about Marija’s design:

Head Judge Jan Arnold:

Such a refreshing take on the theme. Unpredictable, mysterious, and surreal. The nails are technically refined and evoke emotion and captivation. You want to know more and want to stare at them to find the answers.  Brilliant work. It would be better to do this level of work on tips and stand, so that your video can zoom tighter, squarer to camera and from the perspective of the Nail Pro, not the angle you need because it’s your hand.  This will add tremendous polish to your video.

Game Master Winnie Huang:

I want these on my own nails right NOW! thank you for using Shellac to create your art! I can’t believe the depth and effect you’re able to achieve using these shades! I am in AWE with your painting skills and eye in details. Watch your framing in the video as sometimes the nail goes out of frame. Also perhaps instead of fast forwarding, you could highlight different significant moments. Thank you for all the tips and tricks mentioned in the video! The KUPA universe + neon syfy designs + the music you used for the video are giving me total 80’s vibe and I am HERE for it! Love these tiny details of cohesiveness, BRAVO!

Judge Mia Do:

Excellent design, great details, great use of color and great interchangeability.

Guest Judge Melisa Salazar:

WOW! The vibe, the mood, the setting, is simply amazing. Your blend of psychedelic fantasy and surrealism created the perfect aesthetic of a modern sci-fi masterpiece!  A true artist. The blending of colors make this set so cohesive and mesmerizing. I was simply unable to take my eyes of your nails.

Guest Judge Lauren Wireman:

Sometimes on video, it’s better to show a regular speed small portion of a technique rather than hyper speeding the whole thing. Think about what is truly beneficial to see in a video. Top points for graphic quality, you nailed that!

The nail artist who will be packing up their paintbrushes this week is Ewa.

Ewa, we loved watching you hand paint and create. You’re a heck of an artist and we were honored to have you in our Top 12!

This won’t be the last you hear from Ewa. She will be going up against Anna in CND’s Last Chance Design Lab where she will have one more chance to stay in the competition.