Over the Top: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congrats Nic on capturing your first win of the season! The judges thought your futuristic set was over the top genius!

Here’s what the judges had to say about Nic’s design:

Head Judge Jan Arnold:

The mix of metallics is gorgeous. The future form thumb is amazing. The space craft, absolutely perfect. These nails launched directly into the future!

Game Master Winnie Huang:

Nic, you took us from bacon feathers to a world where bitcoin, a space princess, and post apocalyptic army could exist together?! GENIUS. I think you may have utilized every single chrome powder to ever exist on earth and beyond. It’s everything and the kitchen sink, and I’m here for it. Love that you not only used the future forms to sculpt, you also incorporated into your designs. The wow moment for me is when you stuck those pieces you cut from the form back to make the battery! The only critique I could provide is to practice a bit of cohesiveness, and the nail with the form is cool…but could you have maybe sculpted them to “look” like the form just to push it that much further? OVERALL A JOB WELL DONE!

Guest Judge Sarah Elmaz:

I like how she constructed and explained her design very in depth, and the design looks great. I like her YouTube video. Her personality shines and she is professional and gives a great intro!

Season 8 Champion Emily Nash:

These nails are out of this world, pun intended. When asked to show us a futuristic set of nails, not only did you do that but you included the nail forms in so many different ways. Out of all the contestants this week you were the only one to really set focus on what was the main focus of the the challenge, “futur-forms” you had a story for each nail and managed to make everything cohesive. I love how you sculpted a normal shape on five of the fingers and a more futuristic shape on the other five. You really showed us your ability to think outside of the box. You had good pro tips and also your video had a good mix of slowed down and sped up moments.

Guest Judge Celina Rydén:

This set has so much going on and really tells a story! You do however need to take a look at the video to understand it all, but once you do this set really comes to life. I love the intro to her video, she is super likeable and her voice over was perfect! The narration just brought everything to life and I just kept on smiling throughout the video. She showcased the product packaging great and I love how she used the powder in so many different ways. Great tempo, easy to follow along and she kept you interested all the way through. As a business owner, this is someone who I would love to have representing my products because you get that professional but still warm and approachable vibe. And you know that she would come up with fun and innovative idea to show off your products.

The nail artist who will be packing up their paintbrushes this week is Ella.

Ella, as a new nail artist, we so admire you taking the leap into NTNA. You challenged yourself and showed vast improvements in your video diaries. For all this and more you should be so proud!

This won’t be the last you hear from Ella. She will be going up against Ewa in CND’s Last Chance Design Lab where she will have one more chance to stay in the competition.