Work, Play, Every Day: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congrats Marija on winning this week’s challenge! The judges loved this Schiaparelli-inspired set that played up the drama of transformative nail art.

Here’s what the judges had to say about Marija’s winning design:

Head Judge Jan Arnold:

Outrageous creativity, sculpting and design refinement. These would be THE only accessory one would need when entering a room to dazzle. And not just any room…how about the MET GALA?  They are brilliant and perfectly designed, adorned, and executed.  Schiaparelli is THE inspiration, and it is so relevant in trend and artistry today. Congratulations on your approach and precise detail in even the base set of concrete nails.  A reliably chic daily wearable option.  Breath taking every step of the way.  Seeing YOU all fashioned-out was a treat as well.

Game Master Winnie Huang:

Masha, please make me some finger gloves. You totally understood the assignment this week, and I’m SCREAMING throughout your whole entire video. First of all, you looked BEAUTIFUL, the golden brows was my absolute fave. Then the concrete finished blended with chrome was fun to see. I really enjoyed moments in your video where you sealed the chrome, so thank you for the teachable moments. Thank you for creating the embellishments with nail products. I really loved seeing them come to life. This is totally a tribute to Schiaparelli. And we’ve seen it done by one of our NTNA winners Valerie Ducharme for Libertine. I really love the shading you added to the finger accessories. I just wondered if you could have thrown in a little bit of “masha” into the mix for your accesory? Please refrain from mentioning “polygel” because it’s a brand, not a product.

Guest Judge Hemi Park:

Absolutely gorgeous and stunning fingertip rings! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your entire video and it made me want to try to recreate the rings. At first I thought your “work” nails were very salon-friendly and minimalistic, but the dramatic transition from work to play was jaw dropping. By the way, your golden eyebrows were super cute. The whole process of building great base structures to carefully planned molding/sculpting, and to finish with extra shading in flawlessly applied chromed surface were truly entertaining. All extra attention to detail in the video were precisely done, and effectively worked in your favor in overall design. I also appreciate very much that you built the entire jewelries and its parts with nail products, as well as making more rings in addition to your fingertip nails.T hank you for making me drooling over your rings. You really NAILED it!

Guest Judge Dana Cecil:

I loved watching you create the look of the concrete! The adding of the chrome is a really great feature but I would have liked for you to explain in more detail how you applied it. Why you’re doing what you’re doing at the time you’re doing it. Etc. Using your e-file and using black to create a realistic look to the finger component was fabulously done! You nailed the accessories. I really appreciate your small crystal details on top of the metal because it adds a feminine look to something a little bit more rough. These nails and accessories are absolutely stunning!  Can’t get enough. 

 Season 8 Champion Emily Nash:

Awesome job at choosing a design that’s simple and could be worn on an everyday basis. I love how it actually looked like cement. Which like you said is super on trend! I do have to say that these added on finger tip covers are wow wow wow. However, something like this has been done before so as first I was torn on the creativity of them. I do wish that the cement element would of be translated over to the tips, as that was part of the everyday nails. Big kudos on making your own gems and pearls. This is a nail art competion and showing you can make things out of nail products instead of just using actual pearls or gems, gets big praise from me. As for the video, I ask of you to try to add more teachable moments and pro tips. That’s really all the video was lacking for me.

The nail artist who will be packing up their paintbrushes this week is Quyên.

Quyên, your dazzling personality made each of your entry videos a joy to watch. We know you are a gifted artist with much to share, and we look forward to continue seeing you shine.

This won’t be the last you hear from Quyên. She will be going up against Ewa in CND’s Last Chance Design Lab where she will have one more chance to stay in the competition.