Miami Swim Week: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Paintbrushes

Congrats Nic! You had this week all sewn up with your brilliant homage to Halston. Every detail made this set fashion-forward and your excellent video propelled you to the top.

Here’s what the judges had to say about Nic’s design:

Season 8 Champion Emily Nash: 

Nic, I must say you have really been showing up each week in this competition and you are ready to GO! You really do bring us through a little journey with each new set you do. It’s so refreshing to see new techniques and ideas and I thank you for that. I was a little worried that you took it a bit literal with doing actual fashion on the nails but the further I investigated I fell more in love with each new detail I saw. Watching you create fabric out of gel and add the different elements to make it shine and move in the light, was mesmerizing. I loved hearing you talk in detail about different parts of the design and adding a relevant story to it like mentioning he frequented Studio 54. You had incredible detail in the fabric, the patterns, the little details of the pin and thread wheel. Even though at first, I was not sure if this worked in the guidelines of being inspired by Halston but also “Miami” the over all look of the nails is art. And art that could be worn out on the town. I think the only thing I thought would have been fun was making the perfume bottle with actual liquid in it! Your video is just so good. You are very much a lovable person on camera, and I just want to hear you talk all the time. Keep it up!

Game Master Winnie Huang:

I LOVE your interpretation this week. I absolutely LOVE how you made each element using CND products, the way you were able to mimic fabric is IMPRESSIVE! I think you actually found your signature for the competition- texture! Although the concept is EXTREMELY cool, and I love that you took a different route than the rest, I’m craving more Miami heat.

Producer Beth Livesay:

Great opening montage of Halston’s designs so we can get an idea of his creations. Those dress pattern nails are gorgeous. You could have done a whole set like that! You included the homage to Halston perfume – well done! The disco ball and gowns on the nails are elements I missed in the final image. I have so much more appreciation for this set after watching the video. The Halston monogram is everything! The flowing gowns and dressmaking nails are the star of this show. As such, I feel that the disco ball, perfume nail, and monogram nail need something more. The perfume bottle extending across that whole nail would have been amazing. Or maybe a 70s clothing piece with the disco ball? I liked the pattern, fabric, and finished creations, so adding more of those, even more fabric scraps or tools on the monogram nail would have bound the whole thing together even more. But at the end of the day, these nails danced with me, Nic. Bravo!

Guest Judge Buddy Sims:

Your video was my favorite! It’s very educational and entertaining, not a detail missed!  This set is clearly Fashion Designer Halston inspired, but I missed the translation to Miami fashion week, especially with the Studio 54 detail which was located in NYC.  The Blue-Green dress is gorgeous and I loved the semi-translucent 3D dress patterns. Stunning design that emulated Halston’s designs and process in creating them.

Head Judge Jan Arnold:

These nails SCREAM Halston. Great research and articulation of his style. The dresses and model forms…”too much L&P” and all,  are sensational. The way you worked Shellac to drape and flow over the form was brilliant.  I learned something new today about our own X5…so ‘bendy’ as you say and therefore the perfect medium for this element of your design. Although these nails are dynamic, elegant, intricate, precise, stylish, and relevant…and SO HALSTON…we might question where the Miami swim week part comes into play. They feel more like classic red carpet. Thank you for all your pro tips for professionalism – really noted this and appreciate you stepping up your game in this area. GREAT JOB!

Guest Judge Tracey Lee:

Nicola I loved watching and listening to you during your video tutorial. You keep us engaged and enthusiastic about whats to come. A captive audience. Great teachable moments right throughout the video, feeding the audience with tips and tricks. When I saw the complete set, I found it quite disjointed, for me, at first look, it did not appear to have a flow. What a surprise was waiting for me when you got into all the details. A phenomenal story that shows Halstons entire process from history to shoproom floor to finished product. It may have had a better flow with the pattern pieces and scraps on one side and then finished outfits on the other as allowing your eye to travel through the story.

The nail artist who will be packing up their paintbrushes this week is Trina.

Trina, for your first season in the Top 12 we are so impressed with how far you’ve come. Your creativity is infectious and we loved the Hawaiian vibes you brought to this season. But we refuse to say “goodbye” just yet, as the Design Lab is where you can continue to shine.

Trina will be going up against Amberley in CND’s Last Chance Design Lab where she will have one more chance to stay in the competition.