Work, Play, Every Day: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

The fourth challenge tasked contestants to use KUPA EnrichRX to take nails from work/everyday to play.

This week’s guest judges were Dana Cecil and Hemi Park.

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Marija: You took the judges’ breath away this week. They all agree that both your everyday and play set exude precise execution and are fit for the Met Gala. Well played!

Nancy: Indeed, you are a busy bee! The judges loved this fun, happy, playful set. Bravo!

Nic: Your one stroke enchanted the judges. This set successfully bloomed from work/everyday to play!

Anastasiya: The judges adored the dramatic transformation from wearable to fashionable. The base set was a little too basic for NTNA and the addition of the rings felt clunky, not smooth. Other than that, great work this week.

Kristen: The transition from wearable to playful was quite effective this week. The judges loved that you put so much work into this set. Brighter lighting and playing with contrasting color can lighten up your work a bit.

Nathan: Beautiful execution this week! Your wearable nails need more oomph though. Using nail products to create the blobs would have raised your score even more.

Amberley: Sadly, the judges felt this was more of a salon set rather than a competition set. If you’re unsure what direction to go in when creating an entry, the judges advise against sharing that in the video. Unfortunately, the lack of direction was evident in your final design.

Quyên: The judges were thrown off by your mention of a French manicure in your video and then delivering a different set. They’re also not sure why you only made accessories for three fingers and not five. More cohesion and precision would have upped your score.

Trina: The judges agree this is a beautiful set and you’re taking in their feedback each week. A little bit more brightening in your video and more of a push for the art in your final set would bump up your score.